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  1. fvcorp

    INTRO Hello from a 15 years old guy :D

    Levin, I’m on your side. I had a similar path. I ended with three years of University, but I did leave school for awhile at 16. What did I learn? High school was unimportant and University was only good to prove to myself that I could do it. I could have left after a year with the same...
  2. fvcorp

    HOT TOPIC At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    I will never be good enough. There’s always more.
  3. fvcorp

    HOT TOPIC The Poor Man I Cant get a job: Flipping Stuff Log

    Holy crap... you’re such a complainer. You’re clearly not going to get handed your perfect job in your secretive niche. Get a minimum wage job then and stop with the “poor man” garbage. You’re also not going to get handed free shit to resell. Homeowners are smarter than that. You’ve got to...
  4. fvcorp

    Two app ideas, how to put into motion?

    Prototype your ideas as quickly as possible. Weeks or even days, not months. You can do it if you set your mind to it; this is corny but true. As for the Fastenal idea, my company happens to work with them at the corporate IT/Operations level. So I would be interested. Send over an NDA and the...
  5. fvcorp

    EXECUTION I accidentally stumbled upon a great business idea

    The simplest way to do this would be with Wordpress available at Steps: 1. Get some server space (free for a year on AWS or Google Cloud). 2. Install Wordpress on your server. 3. Install Plugins for payment processing/user management that have been pre-made for Wordpress...
  6. fvcorp

    What are some indicators that you are ready to quit your 9-5 job?

    I was on pace for $170,000 in 2017 - 9-5 Career I made negative $40,000 in 2018 while building value for customers for free - Fastlane If this seems logical to you, then you’re ready to quit.
  7. fvcorp

    EXECUTION 2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    You had me until you listed the 50 different tools you’d be using. My opinion, the only tools you’ll need for the next year: Lined Paper Pen Excel I want to see you do well. The best advice I can give you is “don’t waste time creating processes before you make money.” I’ve made this mistake...
  8. fvcorp

    Have I killed my business? (Trademark Infringement)

    It’s time for you to play a game of poker. This other group would appear to have some cash to burn. They are showing their hand and telling you that they have cash because protecting their IP will not be free. This is your chance to respond with evidence that you have been around longer and...
  9. fvcorp

    I am only working 3 hours a day!

    I was earning $170,00 per year before going fastlane. In my career, I managed teams of 10-20 knowledge workers at a time. Constructively, I tracked their work time like you did your own. Their work time was approximately 2 and 2/3 hours per day. I found it interesting that the most...
  10. fvcorp

    HOT TOPIC What happens when you quit your job?

    Good thread. I also had to go through this. In my opinion, in hindsight, I did the right thing by leaving my career outright and “burning the boats.” My catalyst: I made one sale of about $10K. At which point, I realized that I could scale that sale easily to $15-25K and at least one or two...
  11. fvcorp

    Do big goals make you depressed?

    Absolutely not. You’ve only got 10-20 years left in your prime and you only live once. Wake up, fast! Break your huge goal into smaller pieces. Only do what’s essential. Never waste excess time on stupid shit like processes and documentation. Leave that until you have some value to sell...
  12. fvcorp

    Let me know what a fair offer for the GSuite account is. My email is and my...

    Let me know what a fair offer for the GSuite account is. My email is and my number is (226) 236-5337. We can chat if you’d like.
  13. fvcorp

    Anyone interested in a GSuite grandfathered account?

    Very generous of you. But I, for one, would be glad to pay you for it.
  14. fvcorp

    HOT TOPIC How do you guys even manage your time/energy?

    It sounds like you have no ambition at the moment. If you know what the f*ck you want, you'll find the time. I'm near Toronto if you want to chat/do some site visits for my business to see how it's done.
  15. fvcorp

    Am I Normal?

    Stop asking other people if you're normal. You are. Now you have only one focus: make it so that what you do is something that fits your personality. Whether you succeed or fail at that will determine if you die happy or not. A bit sobering, overly dramatic? Yes, but also a fact that you have...
  16. fvcorp

    RANT Time Mgmt: Opportunity Cost Of Gym Membership

    Would you rather $6000 in your pocket or results and motivation? Can't you listen to an audio book on the drive and use your time wisely? Will the motivation and results that come from a better gym increase your hourly rate from $200 to $220? The mindset that makes you ask this question needs...
  17. fvcorp

    Unscripted Envy

    I’ve been fastlaning a construction business lately. It’s brought about a funny problem... I can’t work with some trades because they think I’m breaking tradition too much. I get it: I’m aggregating quotes and it threatens their margins. But I never anticipated this. Have you ever encountered...
  18. fvcorp

    EXECUTION 10 Commandments of Fastlane

    Commandment 12: Trust your f*cking gut I've spent a lot of time in the start-up, incubator and angel investment world recently. At first glance, these places seem like a great place to network. But these environments are full of parasites and wannabe entrepreneurs that can't cut it. Hundreds...
  19. fvcorp

    EXECUTION 10 Commandments of Fastlane

    Commandment 11: Don't Waste Time Talking Have you ever talked a lot about what your business could do, if only certain things were true? Today, I had a conversation by text with a business associate. The conversation was about how to add a "viral" element to our marketing because our current...
  20. fvcorp

    EXECUTION 10 Commandments of Fastlane

    This thread is to track my Execution/Progress. But to track it, I have to bring up the past to explain myself. Why did I go slowlane after school and work for an a**hole? Why did I make $170,000 per year and leave without a Plan B? Why did I build a $10M company and then burn the boats again...

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