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  1. OverByte

    Copycat Business Discovered - Any Options?

    A few months ago I started an e-commerce business and it has steadily been growing in sales. I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone tried to sell a similar product (I'm selling a customized product), however I didn't expect someone to also steal my website and advertising copy...
  2. OverByte

    Suggestions for Hiring Content Writers

    Hello, I'm looking to hire a content writer for a website I'm releasing soon and was wondering if any members here had suggestions on sites other than the usual freelancing websites (ie upwork, which act as a middle man. I'd prefer to work directly with the freelancer and...
  3. OverByte

    Best Copywriting Course

    I was just browsing Udemy for copywriting courses and found that there are a ton and quite a few well rated. Maybe I should just pick one but figured before I do I'd see if anyone of the members here have experienced any of the courses and have recommendations? In particular I'm looking for...
  4. OverByte

    Life is All About Choices

    I came to a realization today that is very applicable to business as well as in health, the context in which I realized this. I think the underlying concept is one many people, even successful ones struggle with and I hope that those who stumble upon this may find some value in the lesson I have...

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