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  1. hustlebear

    INTRO From $0 to $70,000/mo in 1 year - Hustle and grind of a Service Based Therapy Business

    Hey! Wow it's been about 1 year since I last visited this website/forum. At the time I was broke, lost, and just looking for answers. A little background information on me - I'm a 30 y.o guy in Sydney Australia who ended up hating being a physio in the first 6months out of graduation ... the...
  2. hustlebear

    Health and wellness packages for Busy Entrepeneurs

    Hi All, I'm doing some market research and looking to get some insights/market validation on my idea. I know a lot of people here are busy business owners so I thought it would be a great place to post to get feedback! I'm a physiotherapist by trade so I've seen a lot of people develop pain...

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