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  1. strobe

    MEETUPS Kuala lumpur

    Heading to KL tomorrow, will be there for a week or so, any fastlaners keen to meet up for chat, coffee, beer? Let me know :)
  2. strobe

    Visa for Canton Fair 2016

    I'm planning on going to the Canton Fair for phase 2 and 3 this year which is in about 2 weeks. I am in Thailand and have a New Zealand Passport. I have tried to apply for a buyers badge on the Canton Fair website, then it is asking me for company details which I don't have a registered...
  3. strobe

    INTRO Changed from wanting a lambo to a nice travel backpack

    Late twenties male here living in Australia. Always had an entrepreneurial spirit but a lack of action (all talk) not anymore and with be contributing to many of my own progress threads soon. Haven't read the book yet but it is on its way in the mail. For now, with emphasis on the heading. My...
  4. strobe

    BOOK Limitless Book by Matt Lloyd

    I came across a youtube video featuring a guy called John Chow who links this book. The offer looks good, I'm relatively new to affiliate and internet marketting but has anyone tried this book or can comment on it, it's about $20 australian, I would normally just buy...

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