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  1. tpjay

    OFF-TOPIC Just noticed I was being charged monthly

    As I am going through a new process for budgeting monthly and getting serious about finances, I learned that the Stash investment app was charging monthly for the service. I don’t remember seeing any communications about them turning on their machine. It was only a $1.00 per month charge for the...
  2. tpjay

    Solve Real Problems

    I haven't solved any real problems myself, yet, but Jeff Hoffman has and has done quite well. He gives sound advice on how you should approach the world as a problem solver. Jeff has also been on my journey to breaking down old beliefs. I am posting this here because people in this forum might...
  3. tpjay

    Another example of how we can use our brains to change our behaviors

    View: TLDW; Our brains are powerful but once functionality is it is a habit enforcing machines. Use positive reinforcement for the good and negative for the bad. Towards the end, the presenter speaks of a paycheck as a type of positive reinforcement which promotes...
  4. tpjay

    OFF-TOPIC Web Application for TMF Four Steps to Starting

    Hi community, I am looking for people to help develop and collaborate on a web application that I thought could add value to so many people. The web application is based on a chapter in The Millionaire Fastlane and I find that it will bring clarity for a lot of people. It made me realize that I...
  5. tpjay

    OFF-TOPIC Is Willy Wonka Unscripted?

    This man has created a wold of his imagination. Isn't that what being unscripted is about. Simply imagining what you want out of life then creating it? Although if i can remember he has had a difficult time running the factory and was retiring candy making but he was looking for a successor much...
  6. tpjay

    To Pivot or Not to Pivot?

    Hello enlightened entrepreneurs, I am having a problem. I do not know when I should pivot or keep going with the business. Shutting down is not an option at this point because I don't want to give up since I know this will be a long and hard journey to bring value to people. I have begun to...
  7. tpjay

    OFF-TOPIC Gold Card, Black Card, and Titanium Card. Anyone have these?

    Hey I was on the forum and saw an ad for a black card and remembered all the prestige that come with it. And was reading about how they have a luxury concierge thats 24/7 that can get you tickets to a sold out concert and help you pick out gifts and such. Sounds awesome but I want to hear...
  8. tpjay

    The Scripts Gravity Centers

    The script gas many gravitational pulls your loved ones, friends, your bank account. "You need to get your bachelors" they say. Okay, I did that and all I can get barely qualifies for scription. A $10/hr job getting paid less than a high schooler. Then they get your Masters degree. But now...
  9. tpjay

    What came first...the market or the problem?

    My group and I were having a discussion about what come first; the market or the problem? If the market came first you are able to target a specific customer with a specific problem but you could be alienating other possible problems you can solve. (I choose this route) What do you think? I...
  10. tpjay

    INTRO I want this so bad..

    Hi, I have been reading the fastlane book and consider it one of the best books i have ever read. The bible. The holy pages that had opened my eyes in such a clear way that no "guru" could explain. The fundamentals are all there and MJ left nothing out. I have absorbed everything in this book...

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