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    Books on Cold calling

    Does anyone have any recommendations on books on cold calling? Techniques? Script guidance? I am in sales full time now but generally work on large deals and cold calling isn't how these deals are made. My new business however will need someone to cold-call businesses. I'll do the first 50-250...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Targeting China with PPC

    Hi all, Just wanting some more info on targeting China with PPC adverts. My target market in China based manufactures. So far I am thinking Baidu PPC (they have a 70% market share) Google PPC to capture the other 30% I hear Alibaba has a PPC system for Trustpass member. Has anyone got...
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    How to buy a Porsche Boxter

    From New Zealands Groupon equivalent: Step 1: Scrape funds together to buy a Porsche Boxter 2.7 (Mortgage, Credit, Friends, Family) Step 2: Put a deal on a daily deal site to offer hiring it out for a day for $99 Step 3: Sell 317 at $99 each Step 4: Repay Mortgage, Credit, Friends or Family...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Where to find profitable websites for sale

    The Title says it all - where do you think is the best place to find profitable websites for sale? Obviously there is Flippa, but that is so crowded it seems to be hard to find a good deal. Reading:
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    WEB/DIGITAL Payment Processors - Recurring

    Hi all :wave: I'm in need of a payment processor that can handle the recurring payments for my monthly subscription based business. Has anyone used one, or have any recommendations. It's not an adult site so I don't believe I would have any difficulties. Please keep in mind that im based in...
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    Web Service Subscription businesses

    Web Service Subscription businesses - does anyone own one, or know of some? Basically businesses where you subscribe for $XX or $XXX per month to recieve on online service. I'd like to see a few and see how they operate before thinking of starting one myself. Can we leave lead-gen businesses...
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    Online Business - Where to place the bank account

    Evening all :thumbsup: I'm not in the situation where I need this advice, but have been thinking about it recently. If you had an online business taking payments through the site, what is the best way to process this income. Is there an ideal offshore bank account or loopholes that can be used...
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    Creative ways to buy a business

    Morning all :coffee: Just thought I'd start a discussion on creative ways to buy a business - for those with little to no money. I've looked, but there doesn't seem to be many books on the ways to buy businesses. So, if you were young (I'm 22), and were looking at buying business ranging from...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Getting the initial user base

    Hey, I've been thinking about a possible website idea recently, and someting my mind keeps wandering back to is the Catch 22 - Without users, there is no draw card for other users to join, so how do you get the ball rolling so to speak? Take for example. They now have thousands of...
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    OFF-TOPIC The Businessman and the Fisherman

    Heres an interesting story I just read, and thought I'd share it. Im sure some have heard it before, but for those that havent, here it is: My thought is - Enjoy what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Starting an online service website

    Hey all, As the title says, im interested in starting a website that provides a service. I have a breif concept in my head (that still needs lots of fine tuning) and am wondering how to procede - preferably with advice from people who have been-there, done-that. It will either be subscription...
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    OFF-TOPIC Citibank falls for Nigerian scammer...

    ...and send him 27mill! :wtf:
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    Finding competitor pricing

    Hi all, Im doing some market reaseach for a proposed new software package for a niche here in New Zealand. What im wanting to know is what is the best way to find out competitor pricing? Im guessing just an email or phone call pretending to be a purchaser. Problem is New Zealand is a small...
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    Business Launch strategy - Must reads?

    Hi all, Been reading this section for months now - first time poster here though :smx19: I'm planning the launch of a new service here in New Zealand, and with this being my first serious business venture, I want to read up on business launch strategy. Mainly the answers to the questions "do I...
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    Creating/selling niche software

    Hey all, I have teamed up with a very good programmer and together we are looking at writing a software program for the vet industry here in New Zealand (and eventually Australia & Singapore). We know there is demand for the product (as people have been complaining/moaning about our future...
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    OFF-TOPIC 30 Quotes - All proven wrong

    Found this to be an interesting read: It makes you wonder - what do we think is impossible today, that will be common place in the coming decades?
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    A little help please - Importing & Resale


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