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  1. Peal

    Should business be fulfilling?

    I completely agree with the notion that you shouldn’t try to turn a passion into a business. My question is, how important is it for business to feel fulfilling? It’s a broad question that doesn’t have one right answer. But I would love to hear your opinions.
  2. Peal

    O/T: HEALTH How To Become A Runner

    I looked back at old posts and didn't see many on how to get started with running. So I thought I would share some of the things I wish I had known about it before I started. For context, I am 32, and have been running 3-6 days a week for the past eight years. I was training for my second...
  3. Peal

    INTRO All-in But Hedging... If That Makes Sense

    Hi all, I joined a few months ago but I wanted to respond to a few posts and offer some value before introducing myself. I am 31. I worked for several marketing agencies throughout my 20s. Two and a half years ago I decided to become an independent marketing consultant with a focus on helping...
  4. Peal

    How do you get creative?

    I think creativity is a concept that is largely misunderstood. There is a false assumption that only certain people are creative when in reality, everyone is capable of it. A lot of people associate it with art that has little utility. But I would argue that it is a crucial part of every...

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