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  1. astr0

    Do You Know How Your Business Is Doing and Where It’s Going?

    When starting a business probably most people rely mostly on gut feeling. Yes, decisions may be validated with early adopters but there's still not much data to tell if the assumptions are correct. But as a business grows it collects more data that allows making more precise data-driven...
  2. astr0

    OFF-TOPIC What is the most scary moment in your life?

    Those moments seem to have a huge impact on life, would be great if everyone could learn something from other's experience too. All mine have something to do with driving as I've used to drive like a reckless idiot when I was younger. This made me value my life more We were going on 5 car...
  3. astr0

    RANT How much is too much for an office expenses?

    The last day on my 9-5 is getting closer and closer and we need an office to run a software development service business with my two partners pretty soon. Found a nice office already and now we need furniture + equipment and here comes trouble. Our inial estimate was ~1k per employee ($600 for...
  4. astr0

    EXECUTION Failure is not an option

    Because the idea is boring, not very innovative/blockbuster but proven to work for me and others. Yet another software development company, with new knowledge/experience applied. !WARNING! TLDR Have some possible points of failure, but if that happens I'll just have to repeat with different...
  5. astr0

    INTRO f*ck This at last

    Hi, I've been here before but wasn't visiting for over a year so it's probably nice to reintroduce myself. I'm Andriy, 31 from Ukraine, here are my first introduction and my first nice failure in case anyone's interested. Still wasting life on a 9-5 job, haven't made any serious attempts to...
  6. astr0

    INTRO Doing everything wrong so far

    Hi everyone, Andriy from Ukraine here. Rules said "The more the better" so I wrote 3 pages about myself, but then thought that it won't contribute to much to this forum. Instead I'll try to focus on my lessons learned so far: Try avoiding making something with friends. Future vision may be...

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