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  1. ANR

    I'm buying a house 'near' major airports in the UK and installing full lockdown work/life set up.

    I'm also thinking about selling three month rental slots. Is anyone interested? My plan is to start a network of houses fit for living completely isolated if you have to for a short time. Living area, office space, rapid wifi, home gym, food delivery and garden area. These houses will be...
  2. ANR

    INTRO Anyone In London?

  3. ANR

    Should I Really Make That Youtube Channel?

    Reminder to self: When they say ‘Get a Youtube channel for your business’ it’s not for the thing itself that you are doing it. It’s all about adding value. You should 100% get a Youtube channel if that is a method that you can best add value to your customers. You should 100% not get a...
  4. ANR

    PPC / Google Ads: Client Changing Domains, Want Me to Set Up A New Ad Account. Better to Keep Original?

    Got an PPC client with £300k's worth of past data in an ad account. They are changing domains from .com to and have brought me in to do a similar thing with their ad accounts... (moving from an existing ad account to a new ad account they have set up) In my opinion it would be...
  5. ANR

    In a slump? Think BEEDS.

    If I am ever in a slump and my brain is mush I spend 30 seconds running through this list: B - Behaviour E - Environment E - Exercise D - Diet S - Sleep In those 30 seconds I find both the reason and the solution. Behaviour - what have I been doing in the days leading up? Too much partying...
  6. ANR

    The Only "Please Remove Adblocker" That Hasn't Made Me Hate That Company

    This was at the top of my screen when I hit Fastlane Forum today. The non-intrusive nature of the request and the fact that it was genuine - not a content blocking fake 'request' - made me WANT to turn the adblock off. Usually when I hit an article on Forbes I get blocked from seeing it and...
  7. ANR

    Let's Talk Circular Economy

    Opening this thread to talk about the opportunities to do with implementing a circular economy. The BASIC Principle of Circular Economy: Designing your systems so that your waste outputs are the beneficial inputs for another process. Some good companies/resources to check out...
  8. ANR

    Awesome SHORT Video on SOSTAC

    TIME TO WATCH: 5 Minutes Here is a great video quickly explaining the SOSTAC framework for planning. Planning is important but without ACTION planning is pointless. HOWEVER, this is a great tool for finding direction and aiding focus. Enjoy! ANR
  9. ANR

    The Third Industrial Revolution

    Easily one of the best lectures I have ever watched. This video is PACKED with opportunities and ideas waiting to be turned into businesses. The video is not a short one (1h45m) but every minute is well worth it. Every problem is an opportunity and climate change is one HUGE opportunity...
  10. ANR

    Great video on IDEA VALIDATION. Cut the fat off your new idea to create a MVP before you test.

    Have spent the day learning about IDEA VALIDATION, which is especially good for me after going down a few dead ends! Hope this video helps other people too.
  11. ANR

    WEB/DIGITAL What to do about seemingly large competitors online?

    I want to create an online store selling home kits in the aquaponic and aeroponic market. There are already a fair few big online shops around, namely: There are also many other general aquaponic and aeroponic stores a google search away. 1) Should I be put off...
  12. ANR

    There is SO much you can do.

    There is SO much you can do. Sometimes I find myself lost, thinking I have run out of things to do. This is a veil draped across your mind. It is a lie. This is the paradox of too much choice. You have to SHATTER this mirage. Do you think these huge entrepreneurs we look up to ever ‘ran...

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