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    OFF-TOPIC I think I saw MJ Saturday...really!

    I saw a orange drop top Merci going down the San Tan 202 near the new San Tan Mall about 5:30pm.
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    here is some motivation for the car lovers!

    Here is a INSANE private car collection from one guy. I thought Jay Leno had some awsome stuff! This guy is in the fastlane for sure!
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    What's important to you.

    As many of you, I enjoy fast cars and bikes. I found this over at the gixxer forum. >>>>My buddy just sent me this email - How many of you can relate? >>>>Yeah man....I just had a real sobering convo with Rob just now...about life ...working in a cubicle... how to get thru the...
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    rental income tax question

    I'm renting out a house in CA for $1400/mo and the mortgage on it is $1900/mo. My question is, can I claim that as a $500/mo loss? or do I just report the $1400/mo as income?
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    Are billboards a good idea?

    Has any one here owned, or own a billboard? I'm sure its all about location, but in general, are they a good investment for cashflow? Any idea how to finance one of them? What are the usual terms and conditions?
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    Hey from Phoenix

    Hi guys, I've been reading a few posts on here and it looks like there is some VERY smart and knowledgeable people here! My name is Eric and i'm 28. I bought my first house in Los Angeles when I was 23, and my 2nd in the Phoenix area at 26. Realestate really interests me, and from the...
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    How old were you?

    How old were you when you made your plan? And how old were you when you could call yourself "sucessful"?

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