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    Launching a programmer-focused SaaS tool

    What is your tool do exactly? First of all a specific kind of programmer would google "ENOENT: no such file or directory " .By that I mean probably someone more junior. Second of all you need to consider when do programmers search for such things. More than likely they are in coding mode trying...
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    EXECUTION 2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    Howdy lol, So I did try that. Again small data point with one guy but the problem is still the same. Let me go into further detail. @Andy Black mentioned this idea somewhere else as well. I started off by calling this company and then getting in touch with the company owner. To preface I found...
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    EXECUTION 2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    One problem I want to bring up from my relatively small outreach campaign is that I have trouble getting past the gatekeeper by cold calling. The second I mention Google Ads I get a hang up and when I make it past the gatekeeper is that the business owners behave the same way as well. I...
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    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Internal Locus |||||||||||||||| 63% External Locus |||||||||| 37%
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    EXECUTION Starting Local Lead Gen Business

    Forgive me if I am asking more than you are willing to share . I have read a lot of your previous postings and a summary is that you want to own the assets ( aka campaigns ) . You have also mentioned that you are clear about that with your clients ( aka renting mindset ) but you also mentioned...
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    EXECUTION 2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    I am interested to see how well the voicemail approach works out for you . A general comment I have is can you make the voice mails more personable . The reason I say this other than the obvious one ( connects better with the person ) is that it seems like a lot of small businesses get these...
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    EXECUTION 2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    Helping you stay accountable since your tag line is "Seasoned Action-Faker" . It is been a couple of weeks and your post post was a lot of framework setting. Who have you helped so far? What progress have you made helping someone?
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    EXECUTION [Progress] Replacing My Income With Adwords Freelancing.

    @PizzaOnTheRoof Are you still pursuing this business. How is it going so far?
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    EXECUTION Starting Local Lead Gen Business

    If anyone looking at this wants a more visual example. It is as simple as he says. Andy has linked to an example here.
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    EXECUTION Starting Local Lead Gen Business

    What do you mean that they only allow numbers from U.S. or Canada. You said you will now switch focus to provide and sell leads to American Businesses. Create a number from these services in that local area and forward it to that business's local number.Both of which are American. I can tell...
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    How To Find A Software Developer That Will Work For Free

    I would be interested in hearing you out. I think a proper discussion can be had after you bring up a solid plan with what you can bring to the table. I am a mobile app developer by trade. When you complete your plan PM me and we can go from there.
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    I found this online. Hope it...

    I found this online. Hope it helps :)
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    You have helped expand and clarify beliefs I have always had.

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