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    Is it still worth it to be a freelance digital marketer

    I've been at this advertising game for a while and I havent gotten a single client yet(besides my dad). Now, I really, REALLY THINK online advertising is still a good idea, but I just want to get as many perspectives as possible. What do you guys think?
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    Phone calls(I dont know)

    I have a question for y'all. I've been an introvert almost my whole life(Considerably, these past five years and I have a little speech impedement(none of which should be excuses) and I stumbled upon Facebook advertising for other business. How do you get over the INCREDIBLE amount of courage it...
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    An author

    OOk, there's not going to bealot of words in this post, thats why Im typing this sentence. In the future, I want to have many streams of incomesand own a couple buisnessess-you all knw that-I' an ambitious guy, and one of those ideas is as a author. I wont be those "Instant authors" as Mr.MJ...
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    Story time

    Ok, I dont know if this belongs here, but I just had a really funny encounter. My friend created a instagram GC, and then he said "Nicholas, why dont you do reasearch for my insta group acc" we were in a gc with 2 other people. I said I'm busy, and then another person said "I bet I'm more bysy...
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    II was reading MJ Demarco's UNSCRIPTED and there was a forum post in there(around page 38) and I don't know the exact words, but it went something like: "I plan to be entreprenuer and my parents keep yelling and shouting at me, I can handle the yelling and shouting, but my mom said my dad is...
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    Entrepreneurial rejection, dealing with bad times

    So, I was reading this book(The entrepreneur mind by Kevin Johnson) last night, and one chapter was explaining how entrepreneurs don't necessarily view their"negative" times as serious, and what I mean by that is the joke around and talk about it like a joke, and maybe its because people can...
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    3 daily

    Hello,as always if this thread doesnt belong here, find somewhere else to puut it So I started a motivational instagram around 4 & 1/2 months ago and that was fine, although I only did one post daily, so a few weeks ago I upped it to 2 daily post, and I was all over the placewith 2 daily post...
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    OFF-TOPIC big fish aquarium

    Hello, and I am starting out the hobby of fish-keeping I really fell its important to tak about long-term plans(esspically in entreprenuership)and I want to ask a future related question. If any of you are fish-finatics like me, whats your biggest aquarium you have or plan to have in the...
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    As a self-proclaimed entreprenuer(I would'nt even call myself that, I just started my journey. I feel like I havent reached what I can do rn with no money. I've been posting almost daily to instagram, i've posted(not as nearly as much as I'd like, but I've posted on facebook), getting back into...
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    INTRO Hiiiii!

    Hello, my name is nicholas. I recently just turned 20,yayyyyyyyyyy! I got into entrepreneurship December of last year by watching some gary vee videos, as such, Im pretty new to this whole entrepenuership mindset of not having alot(if all, any debt) and just, living a life where u are ur own...

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