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    GOLD! WordPress Site Speed, Perfected—Ask Me Anything

    Not OP but it depends on what you're trying to do. Do you want a simple website with contact info and maybe a blog or something? Then just search for the WordPress/Elementor tutorial from Tyler on YouTube. This guy's teaching style is awesome. If you need a real web app you may need more than...
  2. K

    EXECUTION [MEGA THREAD] How To Build A Successful E-commerce Brand During A Global Pandemic. Step By Step Guide...

    Hey Sanj, This is an interesting approach. Do your dropship suppliers offer branding options or do you sell other brands products that complement your main product? It seems like you lay your focus more on the branding side of your shop and not the (improved) product itself. How many items...
  3. K

    I got rejected everywhere I went

    You're an entrepreneur now, there is no way back. Accept it and move forward. Otherwise you're driving yourself not only mad but truely unhappy. Build something you can sell and then chill. Take some time off and reevaluate on how to help society in a big way having fun doing so. Most people...
  4. K


    Don't want to be rude but just do a quick search on YouTube or Google. In fact, you probably should do some extended research this weekend first and get back here with some specific questions. Plenty information out there. You've got to put in the work by yourself, otherwise you're doomed to fail.
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    If you dropship (with Shopify and AliExpress, I guess?) your products, you're not in control of fulfilment. Because of that, you have to make sure your supplier does a good job, which is not that easy to do. However, you still do control your sales and marketing process. That being said...
  6. K

    HOT TOPIC What has been GOOD about quarantine/corona for you?

    Perfect, will definitely try it out in the future. I thought it only got this popular because of all the dropshippers promoting it. But with so many people using it Shopify seems to do it exceptionally right, especially in regard to speed of implementation.
  7. K

    EXECUTION [MEGA THREAD] How To Build A Successful E-commerce Brand During A Global Pandemic. Step By Step Guide...

    Hi Sanj, Nice thread, thanks for sharing! I have a couple questions: How do you overcome the lack of social proof on your own platform? On AMZ you obviosly have reviews and the big name with the A. Wouldn't the conversion rate on your site be relatively low since you're launching a new brand...
  8. K

    HOT TOPIC What has been GOOD about quarantine/corona for you?

    May I ask what about Shopify is leading to increasing conversions mainly? I'm building a WooCommerce store and also considered giving Shopify a try, but backed away because the implementation for Germany isn't that good yet. Are you selling in the US exclusively, or also in Europe? Thanks...
  9. K

    EXECUTION E-Commerce Brand Kick-Started By The Pandemic

    Really sad you're experiencing this many roadblocks. With so many success stories (especially on YT) one could assume this endeavour is easy. Just don't stop pushing, there is a speedway behind the tunnel. Keep us updated. Have you any sales through Shopify yet? If so, how do you gain trust, so...
  10. K

    Physical product business: Constant fear of infringement?

    To be somewhat sure and legally protected the only way would be through a lawyer who performs an extensive database search and also helps you with registering a patent. But in the end I guess there will never be a 100% certainty you're the only one with such product. They call it risk getting...
  11. K

    NOTABLE! A fundamental question for any entrepreneur: What do I want from my business?

    Isn't a lifestyle business a selfish approach? Yes, I get it we are working mainly for ourselves to either satisfy our desire for a better life than we have now or had in the past. I also confess to be guilty of this attitude. Getting out of the slowlane is just a satisfying thing in itself. To...
  12. K

    NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    I think the reason why he chose to do these short-term jobs rather than pursue a month-long search after the "perfect slowlane job" is because he value his time so much. There is no point in finding a "good" slowlane job (like conventional wisdom will tell you to do) if compared to the...
  13. K


    I've read it, too. What I like about it is the concept of unscripting your life to see what is really important. Many people are wasting their time and don't want to take responsibility without knowing that this lifestyle is destructive in it's nature.
  14. K

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book and have to say it is more than just another book about business. For me it was a life-changing experience for the better. Thanks MJ!

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