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    Declining Dollar ... What to do?

    IMO, the FED is doing the right thing. Looks like the fed's stance is - if you guys are not going to revalue your currency, we will devalue ours :bartmoon:
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    HOT TOPIC Stock Picks - Post Your Favorites & Why

    These look like good trend buys - LWAY, WHQ and SLB. Middle of the week to end of the week. LWAY - 16.5 WHQ - 70 SLB - 100
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    Wall Street Warriors

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    Declining Dollar ... What to do?

    Also take a look at the Big Mac Index. If you go by it, a majority of the Asian currencies are undervalued. :smx7:
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    Declining Dollar ... What to do?

    It depends on how long the metldown occurs. Is it over, 1 more month, 1 year........ Though I see a lot of currencies weakening against the $, IMO, this is a good time to switch from the $ if you need to. Again this could be cyclical - there will be a time to switch back to the $. But in...
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    HOT TOPIC Stock Picks - Post Your Favorites & Why

    MrDoctor, what do you base your trading on? I mean - 1. How did you pick on AAPL? 2. Do you base, atleast a part of your trading, on news? And more questions to follow :thankyousign:
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    Random or Non-Random Markets

    Too many instances, traders and experiences to prove that random market theory is BS. IMO, in the shorter term, there might be randomness(I don't know and it doesn't affect me). Over a longer period of time, it is not random. I believe that masses of human emotions are perpetuated. If you...
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    HOT TOPIC Stock Picks - Post Your Favorites & Why

    I went short on AKS today around 35.20. We'll see how it works out. Took a long position after some time - CBST. Should have waited for this a week more but didn't want to miss a breakout :smx4: Net 66% short and 33% long.
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    OFF-TOPIC Is Robert Kiyosaki Done with Yahoo?

    Return of the Silver Pumper :rofl:
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    Good reading?

    Chris, great to see you here :banana:
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    Day trading margin buying power

    TGB, we have spoken a while back. :smxF:
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    Day trading margin buying power

    Yepp, I checked it again and you are right. Under 25K, and you get into PDT, you can't trade.
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    Day trading margin buying power

    If your account has more than 25000, you don't come under PDT right?Unless of course you choose to.
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    Our First Ban!!

    Can you make this a sticky?People will know you mean business. A good barrier against wannabe spammers. :smx5:
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    Why is the "mellow" mood smiley so creepy?

    How do you set the 'My Mood' feature. I checked all the options and haven't been able to see it!
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    HOT TOPIC Stock Picks - Post Your Favorites & Why

    I covered half my shorts yesterday at 28.3. Was kicking myself for not having covered completely. Either way, the nearest support is at 26 and the 50EMA is at 26.4. Moreover it should revisit yesterday's lows, technically speaking ;-)
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    HOT TOPIC Stock Picks - Post Your Favorites & Why

    Kidgas, I saw ur post on AKS on the RD Forum(Hot stock post) and shorted it promptly. Covered for a small profit and shorted again later. :icon_super:

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