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  1. truesouth

    Best way to Package Forwarding from USA to Latin America for importing goods.

    Does anyone know a good way to do this at affordable prices? Or any suggestions for businesses or services that do this? I need to import multiple products to Chile. For example, there are services such as DHL and similar companies. However, charge very high fees and rates are nothing suitable...
  2. truesouth

    Problem with The Fastlane Forum

    I usually search things here in the forum, but do not use the internal search engine, I use Google. I search like this: site: + anything Unfortunately, today I was looking for something and the following error appeared: Apparently something has changed...
  3. truesouth

    Never, Ever, Ever Forget This.

    "Be the shark, the predator, not the guppy. Be a driver, not a hitchhiker."
  4. truesouth

    About The Lean Startup and Infoproducts

    Is it possible to use the method that Eric Ries teaches us in his book, with the development of the business model of the information products? That is, I can apply what he teaches, and mix to get a Fastlane result? Currently I am learning about this methodology, and I'm in lesson two of...
  5. truesouth

    HOT TOPIC The Millionaire Fastlane: Spanish Version

    Hello, I am a big fan of TMF, and without doubt the best book I ever read in my entire life. My primary language is Spanish. And as a second language I use English. Today, I'd like to give copies of TMF to my friends and family. However, none of them can read well the English language. MJ...

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