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  1. truesouth

    Keep calm and have another specialty coffee.

    Keep calm and have another specialty coffee.
  2. truesouth

    HOT TOPIC How has MJ ruined your life?

    When this forum became a kind of Reddit? I had to go down to post #10 to just find a coherent comment. OP, what MJ has done with his book is to open your eyes. It depends on how you take advantage of that, and where you are going. You are in a transition stage, and now that you have opened...
  3. truesouth

    HOT TOPIC Sourcing from China is old news, Vietnam new news?

    You have custom filters when you search on Alibaba. These are on the left side. And of course, you can filter by suppliers located in Vietnam.
  4. truesouth

    INTRO 30 Year Old w/No Job, No Degree, and still living at moms basement

    Oye Nacho, welcome to the forum. If you need something, don't hesitate to publish it. And do it openly. People here are sometimes a bit harsh and direct, but it is necessary to have a little reality right in the face. I recommend, before anything, to fix your overweight. Start little by...
  5. truesouth

    HOT TOPIC Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses

    Andy, to create a tap-to-call button is as simple as creating a link to the number as a URL. It works really well for me.
  6. truesouth

    WEB/DIGITAL WordPress is USELESS...

    Good post. If you need to have a WP website running soon, do yourself the favor of using GeneratePress theme with Elementor. You will not regret.
  7. truesouth

    HOT TOPIC The Millionaire Fastlane: Spanish Version

    Just over 3 years ago I posted this thread. However, there is still no indicator that tell us that there will be a version in Spanish. A large market is losing this life-changing book.
  8. truesouth

    WEB/DIGITAL TONS of Landing Pages updated DAILY

    Cool, great share. It is useful to get some inspiration. I often use the following sites: Landing pages - For emails - (Section of abandoned shopping carts worth gold) - Swipe files: -
  9. truesouth

    HOT TOPIC Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses

    You rock, Andy. Silently I've been following you. Thanks for all contributions you do on this forum.
  10. truesouth

    Does Anyone Use Facebook Ads??

    You should increase the CPC twice and wait a couple of hours, then adjust it.
  11. truesouth

    OFF-TOPIC What device do you use for audiobooks?

    A free alternative is to use iVoox + headphones. With this app you will find many audiobooks and podcasts.
  12. truesouth

    PUBLISHING Kindle vs Ebook vs Online Course?

    A book on Kindle just to position yourself as an authority is very effective. You should not expect to get rich with Kindle, period. Then you can introduce your readers to your ebook, online course, monthly membership, services, etc. What you have to offer.
  13. truesouth

    Why Don't Books Have Advertising In Them?

    For example, you should review and study the books of Dan Kennedy. His books are almost entirely advertising.
  14. truesouth

    Best way to Package Forwarding from USA to Latin America for importing goods.

    This has been a great help. Thank you very much for sharing this resource, Walter. For two weeks I contacted at least 30 companies, and now I have a business deal with 1. - Fernando
  15. truesouth

    Best way to Package Forwarding from USA to Latin America for importing goods.

    Does anyone know a good way to do this at affordable prices? Or any suggestions for businesses or services that do this? I need to import multiple products to Chile. For example, there are services such as DHL and similar companies. However, charge very high fees and rates are nothing suitable...
  16. truesouth

    EXECUTION Copy / Steal Ideas

    What Vigilante said is what I agree. In fact, there is a very direct and entertaining book on the subject called "Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative". It is available for Kindle.
  17. truesouth

    PUBLISHING Becoming a self-employed copywriter

    I am confident that he is working hard.
  18. truesouth

    Your brain on beer vs coffee

    My girlfriend told me one day she realized that what I most use is coffee and beer. So I think I'm on track.

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