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  1. AdrianB

    I just went back 8 years of my life - Do you visit your past on a regular?

    Hi Olov, I've done the same think last week. Going through emails since I've been a student in 2008-2012. Oh, what memories, what struggles, remembered the people I used to chat on messenger, exchange emails, talk frequently. Life was not easy at that times, but I feel very often that I was more...
  2. AdrianB

    EXECUTION From 9-5 employed developer to freelancer and then entrepreneur - my journey

    Yes, I have local clients and most of them came through references from others.
  3. AdrianB

    EXECUTION From 9-5 employed developer to freelancer and then entrepreneur - my journey

    Hi Ovidiu! Nice to meet you! I also live in Romania and I own a digital marketing agency.
  4. AdrianB

    EXECUTION The road to becoming Free

    Hey! Nice to meet you. I am also living in Romania, was part of pro group of @Fox. I learnt a lot from his course and got a lot of insights on the websites design, but the marketing and people's mentality in our country is a lot different of others. I'm also doing cold emailing and cold calls as...
  5. AdrianB

    MEETUPS Looking for Weekly Accountability Mastermind Group

    Hey! Great idea! I am also looking to be part of a mastermind group, but as @WestCoast mentioned, I would like to be something motivating, results-driven. Count me in
  6. AdrianB


    I am looking for the best SEO course in 2020 for ranking on first page in Google by main keywords. Do you have any recommendation? Thank you
  7. AdrianB

    Looking for an accountability buddy!

  8. AdrianB

    Crazy Plan - Fastlane Forum Project

    That's a great idea and will tell you why. I am part of the biggest business network community with members from all over the world. We have chapters where members are divided in power teams. What is a power team? We have IT, HR, construction and so on distributed in power teams. For example, IT...
  9. AdrianB

    Starting an IT consultancy and cybersecurity company

    Work in templates sent to a few refferals: legal, consultancy advisors and IT companies which are going to forward the emails to their customers interested in security. Created website layout and getting ready for official launch.
  10. AdrianB

    Starting an IT consultancy and cybersecurity company

    That's a good insight. We have to learn from the best, analyze their work and try to do things better than them.
  11. AdrianB

    Starting an IT consultancy and cybersecurity company

    Ok, thank you guys. I'll keep you posted. If someone is interested in a partnership I am opened to discussions. I am member of BNI group and I know the connections are very important in our businesses and also in our life. Cheers!
  12. AdrianB

    Starting an IT consultancy and cybersecurity company

    Hi guys, I've just opened an LLC offering IT consultancy and cyber-security services. However I need first to establish the branding - name, logo of the company. The services I would like to offer are divided into two main topics: IT consultancy and support: servers administration: installation...
  13. AdrianB

    Cyber Security

    Hi, How did it work out?
  14. AdrianB

    Are any fastlaners MSPs or cyber security consultants?

    Hi, I am also a cybersecurity analyst, recently acquired the Certified Ethical Hacker certificate and have started as well an own company focusing on cybersecurity. Let's chat. Glad to meet some people on this field.
  15. AdrianB

    GOLD! From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months

    Well done! Where did you find it?
  16. AdrianB

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    @Fox would you create my online marketing agency website for your portfolio? btw, I've tried :D
  17. AdrianB

    Online platform for real estate

    Good insights! I am currently working with a friend who is developer. I had requested a similar quotation to a webdesign company and they asked for this project to be fully complete between 8-10K euro which is too much for our current budget. Will carry on with my friend and will see how things...
  18. AdrianB

    Online platform for real estate

    Hello, I've just finished a draft plan of a platform which will offer the opportunity for people searching services for their homes (furniture, interior design, installations) where they can register and also the companies offering services can register and describe their services. The idea is...
  19. AdrianB

    Property crowdfunding

    Hello everyone, I've just digged into some crowdfunding real estate projects and websites. I am very curious if someone from here has put their money in a similar project and if they really get the income. Just a few old articles here: Try FT for free | Financial Times Can’t answer these 5...
  20. AdrianB

    Invest in Oil Company

    I am in. So far so good. Started investment with 1001 usd. Interest rate is 1% per day. Added interest rate 10.01 usd on first day. Waiting to collect 1000 usd and will try the withdraw. Keep you updated on the process.

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