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  1. MartinM

    Small Business Owner - Solopreneur - What Gov. Aide is Available?

    Question - What small business aide is available if you are a solo-preneur, no W-2 employees, and if I only hire 1099 independent contractors? I own a small digital web agency in Denver, CO. If anyone here on the forum could point me in the right direction (ie: link, government program, or...
  2. MartinM

    What are the Best Sales Books that You Guys Have Read?

    So I'm in a crunch to sell at least 3-4 SEO / SEM monthly marketing contracts this month; and I am looking to update my sales skillset. I'm at least in the 90th percentile of sales knowledge, skills, and I close deals every month already. I also get a good amount of leads per month. I just need...
  3. MartinM

    SEO - Need a Good White Label SEO Expert Off UpWork that is Reasonable & Produces Tangible Results

    Hi Guys, Urgent need. Does anyone have a good SEO expert that is either US-based or abroad that is reasonable that actually has produced great results and has had a steady track record for delivering an ROI on your SEO spend? I've dealt with quite a few freelancers / companies over the years...
  4. MartinM

    NDA - How Iron Clad Are They - Sm. Bus Dealing w Billion Dollar Corporation

    So I have a unique opportunity that landed on my lap to develop out a very high-level business and system for a multi billion dollar company that is in the big data space. Apparently their CEO is really encouraging all of their employees to come up with new revenue streams, business models...

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