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  1. Benjiben


    For those of you here that are struggling with "coming up with an idea". Here's how you can look for one, it's what I did anyways. 1. Go search for 1 million cups and look for your town's. (Bunch of business owners & entrepreneurs attend these events). 2. Find out when they meet. 3. Attend...
  2. Benjiben


    Hey guys, My general goal- source something from the States and export it to where I'm from to sell it. Take for example I look for used electronics recycling centers of suppliers and then get a deal with them then find buyers from home and sell them my U.S. Goods. This is a very general idea...
  3. Benjiben

    INTRO hello from Springfield ,MO

    Hey fellow fastlaners! I've been lurking in tff for awhile and also reading the millionaire fastlane in little increments and I'm finally done with the book! I've got to say that the book changed my view on alot of things like mindset, people in the slowlane and the slowlane mindset. I'm also...

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