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  1. AA1980

    For a limited time: Bunch of Free Kindle EBooks that made me think of the FLF
  2. AA1980

    My Mind Always Comes Back to "Getting Comfortable"

    For the past handful of years, I've been working on two different things, and, admittedly, I haven't been diligent. These two things are a book and a course. Realistically, I could have finished both a few years ago. But, it's all too easy for me to procrastinate and stay "comfortable". Why...
  3. AA1980

    Taking A Business To the Next Level

    I'm lucky to have come upon the FLF years ago, and have learned a ton from following and reading many of your posts. For that, I am incredibly grateful. My wife started a business a month ago, which includes a few different offerings; she does decorating (mostly for holidays to this point)...
  4. AA1980

    Want to help a friend expand her business

    Hi all! A friend of mine owns a logistics business. They do mostly same day delivery, and she has a fleet of trucks and drivers. I also believe she has warehouse space. The business is doing quite well. However, I want to help her expand her business. Doesn’t have to be more logistics...
  5. AA1980

    Calling All Brainstormers..

    A good friend of mine spent the past handful of years as an emerging markets equity portfolio manager. His returns were very good. He worked at one firm that tanked due to other strategies (not his). His former boss has made a lot of enemies in the business, and he has paid the price; no one...
  6. AA1980

    EXECUTION My Self-Publishing Journey

    My plan: To self-publish really good books outside of my fulltime job (fiction and/or non-fiction) and create a good stream of income. Quality is very important to me. I don't want to be part of the "clearance bin." Status: Two years ago (yes, two years!), I started writing a non-fiction...
  7. AA1980

    INTRO Turn Signal On.. Time to Leave the Slowlane

    Hello. Been posting on here for the past few days, just haven't had a chance to introduce myself. A 37 year old male living in the Boston area, married, with a 4 year old son. I'm a good example of a slowlaner. - I went to a good college - I work in a cushy office job (8 to 6), make a good...

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