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  1. WebMedic

    Feedback on startup story

    Hi, I started writing my startup story online to improve my writing, get feedback and possibly inspire people. Here is a snippet and link to the full article at the bottom. Appreciate your honest feedback, what do you think? what would you do differently? Full post here: Zero to One...
  2. WebMedic

    WEB/DIGITAL E-Commerce business owners, how can we help you?

    Hi, As you are doing/want to do e-commerce you might me in one of these stages: 1. Idea 2. Launched, no traffic 3. Launched, no sales 4. Launched and doing sales 5. Other? Which stage are you in now? What are the difficulties you face? What do you wish was available to help you? Which...
  3. WebMedic

    Advice to succeed as a freelancer

    Hi everyone, As a freelancer you might be worried about the market being saturated and not sure how to improve your freelancing career. I want to share my top 3 advice which can help you get more clients and keep working with them for longer. The advice is aimed at web development/design but...
  4. WebMedic


    Hi everyone, Maybe you have been seeing Quora around recently as it appears in search results for your questions. It's a platform where you can ask and answer questions, there's different topics you can follow and all kinds of people there. I am finding it useful to meet people and get visits...
  5. WebMedic

    All-in-one tool to help you analyse and optimize your website

    Hi Fastlaners, Hope all is well! Stumbled on this amazing service called Hotjar. They allow you to: 1. Record user sessions as they browse your website (see exactly what users are doing, what issues they might be facing, are they really following your website as intended) 2. Setup funnels 3...
  6. WebMedic

    How to get the perfect headline

    Hi Fastlaners, Found this interesting article today: It talks about getting the perfect headline by asking users to fill in the blanks of what they are looking for among other tips backed by case studies. They talk about another...
  7. WebMedic

    Time Tracking

    Hi everyone, Recently started tracking my time using RescueTime software ( and I would like to recommend it. Usually you feel that you are being productive and making good progress which is good (keep you motivated) but we need to be realistic at the same time and...
  8. WebMedic

    BOOK The Brain Audit - Why Customers Buy (and why they don't)

    Hi everyone, The Brain Audit by Sean D'Souza of Psychotactics explains what goes in the brain of your customer. How to attract their attention, get them curious to know more and eventually buy from you. The one key learning I can share from the book is focusing on problem instead of...
  9. WebMedic

    O/T: HEALTH Do you work on the computer/laptop/mobile/tablet for hours?

    Hi everyone, This is a public service announcement to anyone who uses their computer/laptop/mobile/tablet for hours. There is a massive risk called RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). The problem with RSI is that it starts with minimal pain/discomfort, your body seems normal... Until it...
  10. WebMedic

    On pricing psychology

    Hi there! Pricing can be complicated. It's not just about how much you can charge. The way you show the price matters a lot. Nick Kolenda made an excellent post on pricing psychology filled with over 40 tactics you can apply immediately. You can find it here for free...
  11. WebMedic

    WEB/DIGITAL What issues do you face with your WordPress?

    Hi business owners, Do you currently have a WordPress website for your business? We are working on a website maintenance service and interested to get a better understanding of the issues you might be facing. In return we will work with you to fix the issues free of charge. 0. How many...
  12. WebMedic

    INTRO Hi from Kuala Lumpur!

    Hi everyone, This is Faisal from Malaysia representing WebMedic. We are a website maintenance company helping business owners focus on growing their business while we take care of their website. Looking forward to learn and share more with the community. Thank you

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