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  1. killa_graham

    HOT TOPIC Interested in Digital Marketing? Why not try pay per appointment/show model? Ask anything you need!

    Thanks @Paul David. Do you have them work US hours if they're in the Philippines? How are things going with your new niche during the lockdown?
  2. killa_graham

    HOT TOPIC Interested in Digital Marketing? Why not try pay per appointment/show model? Ask anything you need!

    @Paul David you mentioned your staff consists of two VA's that handle lead follow up. I'm at the point where I need some help in following up with leads and would love to hear more about the hiring and training process you went through. Could you share a bit about how you came to find these...
  3. killa_graham

    HOT TOPIC Interested in Digital Marketing? Why not try pay per appointment/show model? Ask anything you need!

    Amazing progress @Ronak! Is client #2 in a different niche than client #1? If they're in the same niche and you're running the same offer I wonder why results were so different.
  4. killa_graham

    RANT I don't like myself lately...

    Hey @jramos02, your post resonated with where I've been for the last few months. Seriously felt like some of the journal entries I've written lately. Maybe some of the conclusions I have come to could be useful for your situation. Do some reaearch into "burnout". I'd been feeling literally...
  5. killa_graham

    NOTABLE! [Progress] Growing a Cleaning Business

    @nzott Your progress is inspiring. How's it coming with your cleaning business?
  6. killa_graham

    EXECUTION Starting a residential cleaning company

    Appreciate the encouragement @Lee Wright. I heard something similar recently -- that most business problems after you've learned the basics are really just personal shortcomings manifesting in business. This has proven true in my experience as well. I realize I have to "become a bigger person"...
  7. killa_graham

    EXECUTION Starting a residential cleaning company

    Thanks @NaPal, I always thought I had grit from pushing through hard things in other areas in life but for some reason haven't transferred it to business. Time to fix it and stick to the process no matter what obstacles come up.
  8. killa_graham

    EXECUTION Starting a residential cleaning company

    Hey Fastlaners, I've been doing some deep reflection lately. Why don't I have the level of success that I thought I would have by now? How is it that others have build businesses in the same areas I tried and failed? What really separates the wealthy entrepreneurs from the people struggle...
  9. killa_graham

    EXECUTION By the 2019 Summit, I will accomplish [blank]...

    By the 2019 Fastlane Summit I will have my new cleaning company at $10k/mo+ in revenue and my freelance copywriting will bring $12,500/mo+ in revenue. And I won't miss out on the tickets so I'll be in attendance ;)
  10. killa_graham

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit - Ticket Swaps

    @Harbourmaster you could do a free Zoom video call and drop the share link in here for everyone to hop on. Allows recording as well.
  11. killa_graham

    Do you get discomfort?

    Huge lesson here. Took me a long time to understand and still learning it through process execution every day. Thanks @SteveO
  12. killa_graham

    Help! I'd like to start a streetwear brand.

    I don't have any specific advice for your situation. But if you haven't heard of Christian Guzman you may want to look him up. Started a fitness clothing company from scratch and doing well with it now.
  13. killa_graham

    RANT Let me show you what Fastlane Motivation looks like.

    Looks all too familiar lol. It took me having many such moments (along with thousands in debt) to finally have an FTE. Make sure to remember this moment so you go up from here instead of forgetting the pain after time fades it out. This is the beginning!
  14. killa_graham

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Squatty Potty. Or generic knockoffs. Seems dumb until you use it for about a week. Then you realize your toilet hygeine has been wrong your whole life and you can never go back. Also just discovered Movie Pass. Unlimited theater entry (1 movie/day) for $10/mo. Great value if you go more than...
  15. killa_graham

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit - Ticket Swaps

    @Harbourmaster I want the ticket
  16. killa_graham

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Ah, so this is how you get the "read it" icon... I've read the book and plan to re-read it many more times. Thanks MJ, looking forward to your new book as well!
  17. killa_graham

    GOLD! Where I have been this time... and why I'm famous at Wells Fargo

    Your hustle is off the charts @Kak. I've definitely learned a lesson in persistence from this thread. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your wedding!
  18. killa_graham

    HOT TOPIC Working from home with no office?

    I'm using this stand-up desk set and really like it. Allows you to adjust the height pretty radically. Get the used version for $65.
  19. killa_graham

    I recorded my Cold Calls - Here's the video

    Nice work @xaviel! I'm launching a similar business next week and currently preparing my sales strategy. Came across this video from Chet Holmes today that I think you may find useful:

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