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  1. K

    I've finally quit gaming.

    Hello lovely people! I signed up in this forum while playing a minimum of 8 hours of gaming a day, sometimes it would stretch to 15 hours. My grades were good(21 years old, 3rd year - Computer Science ) but, deep down I knew something was wrong. I wasn't functioning properly and I wasn't...
  2. K

    Recommendations for courses to take online(Udemy, Coursera etc...)

    Hello guys! I'm ready to start taking the micro-actions and build a whole process that would lead me to accomplish my goals, but I can't seem to find my true inspiration(which field). I'm a Computer Science undergraduate and I'm looking forward to investing my free time into learning new...
  3. K

    INTRO Greetings from the Mid-East!

    Hello, my name is Karam and I'm 21 years old :) I've just started my 3rd year as a Computer Science undergraduate. It's my first time visiting this forum, I've decided to pay a visit after reading the 30th chapter in Unscripted. When I read the words "meaning-purpose", I immediately couldn't...

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