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  1. InspireHD

    A small taste of freedom....kind of

    Starting this week and through next week I am off work. Two weeks of freedom. For the longest time, it feels great to not be in a rush. It feels great to get away and have time to myself. I am so burned out at my job that I feel like I've lost all control. My job is taking the joy out of my...
  2. InspireHD

    How should we think about spending money for our business?

    How should we be thinking about expenses, investments, or spending money that may provide a benefit in the future? For example, there is a $1,000 online course you want to take that could accelerate the learning curve for something related to your current business. This would include...
  3. InspireHD

    Facing a headwind

    I’ve read The Millionaire Fastlane 2.5 times and recently bought it on Audible so that I could listen to it while I was driving. I really like audiobooks since I can listen to them during times when I normally wouldn’t be able to stop and read. Every now and then something will jump out at me...
  4. InspireHD

    EXECUTION Committing and No Longer Selling Myself Short

    After wanting to start a business since 2003, it's finally becoming real! I'm currently employed full-time as a police officer. It's hard to put that fact out there because in today's world I feel like I have to protect myself. It's a job that pays well with awesome benefits, but it can be a...
  5. InspireHD

    I Am a Success Zombie

    I've been a lurker for quite a while, but have been trying to contribute a little more to the conversations when I feel like I have some value to add. This is partly a rant, but in the end, I want to believe that I'm not alone. Maybe there is someone else out there who is just getting started...

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