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  1. WabiSabi

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Eh, poison is still poison. Poor nutrition has bad effects that go beyond making you fat, too often people get caught up in the calorie angle. A lot these "chronic diseases" that people experience are often related to food. Like everything, it's your choice.
  2. WabiSabi

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    45grams of sugar in one 12oz can of rootbeer, and who drinks just one can? I measured that out once and put it in a plastic bag, it was shocking. Don't even get me started on caffeine...
  3. WabiSabi

    EXECUTION How was your 2020? What will your 2021 look like?

    Some good, some bad. Lotta failures this year, but a couple key wins. Dealing with anxious and scared people wasn't fun at all. I'd say 2020 was generally negative for me, but I'm pretty excited for 2021.
  4. WabiSabi

    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    I'm sure electric will get there, but there are definitely some challenges right now. I'll take tried and true gas any day. Sure gas has it's problems, no technology is perfect, but it's limitations are well documented. I'd rather invest in 10 years after someone else has done the testing, and...
  5. WabiSabi

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    I swear, the BS cotton masks do nothing. If you truly believe there's a virus problem you should be wearing a surgical mask, your etsy breathable mask isn't gonna do shit. I can't believe people are trying to normalize this shit by making them all cutesy, and accessory like. Nobody is following...
  6. WabiSabi

    HOT TOPIC Is it possible for very rich people to hang out with poor/working class people?

    I don't really care how much money someone has, fortunes are made and lost all the time. I care more about their beliefs and values, certain beliefs attract wealth (monetary and otherwise). Trust me, you can't be friends with side walkers. They will drag you down if you don't cut them out of...
  7. WabiSabi

    YouTube's recent TOS change - a perfect example of Control

    Twitch, Instagram, tik-tok. They might not look like much now, but I think they're gonna get a bigger piece of the pie in the future. Every business has a shelf life, and I think YT is starting to show it's age. Artists and creators want to be compensated for their work, the minute they find a...
  8. WabiSabi

    YouTube's recent TOS change - a perfect example of Control

    I'd rather have one paying client than 100k subscribers. Same thing for Facebook friends, quality over quantity. Hats off to the people who put in the YT hours, it's one thing to turn heads, but it's another to actually get them to buy something. IME the vast majority of content on YT is...
  9. WabiSabi

    INTRO What are yall thoughts on not going university, if you went/ didn't go what's your experience

    If you're going to do STEM, oil-career, doctor or lawyer then stay in school. I spent 2 years in college as fine arts, dropped out and started making 35k year doing part-time manual labor. If you're not going to go to college, especially in Trinidad-Tobago, it's gonna be rough. Especially if...
  10. WabiSabi

    RANT Be picky when choosing clients, even when you're starting out

    Reminds me of selling a decently rare guitar, I offered him a good deal cause he said "He'd keep it forever, use it at gigs and never sell". Not 2 weeks later it's jacked up on ebay 3 times the original price, even messages and tries to sell it back to me. "Good deals" attract the worst kinds...
  11. WabiSabi

    OFF-TOPIC The Future Is Here: Mercedes-Benz VISON AVTR

    I suppose it's personal taste, but seems like it's trying too hard NOT to be a car. A classic car is impractical for most people, but I'd take a classic every time. It comes down to what you value more in the design.
  12. WabiSabi

    OFF-TOPIC The Future Is Here: Mercedes-Benz VISON AVTR

    What a gimmick, people are so preoccupied with looking futuristic they fail to see the impracticalness. I can't imagine changing "tires", what if a senor goes bad? Replacement parts? Glass get broken? 90% glass seems real safe too... Is this progress? A fun toy perhaps, but not the least bit...
  13. WabiSabi

    O/T: HEALTH How often do you guys exercise?

    3 times a week minimum, typically every other day. I've come to find diet is equally, if not more important. Workouts don't mean shit if your energy is cheetos and mt dew. Mainstream western "food" is tantamount to poison.
  14. WabiSabi

    Felix Dennis and ruthless business

    ^ Agreed, sometimes companies thrive in the absence of competition. Space X ( 1 competitor, now 0), Paypal (1 competitor, later bought), 23 and me ( 1 competitor).
  15. WabiSabi

    Fvck relationships and friendships

    "He is not (your) enemy, since he cannot injure (you); rather he inflicts on himself the most terrible punishment of all, namely ignorance of one who is nobler than himself; and so he is deserted and bereft of the other's protection" - Emperor Julian
  16. WabiSabi

    Best hobbies for disconnecting from the hustle?

    Working out, bonsai, aquarium horticulture. Mostly calming hobbies.
  17. WabiSabi

    GOLD! The Only 3 Beliefs Holding You Back Right Now

    I remember for a long time I used the excuse; people who workout are assholes. "If you're fit that means you're a shallow, selfish person who thinks they're better than everyone else!" I'm not a jerk, therefore I can't workout was my reasoning, so I didn't start till college. Turns out there...
  18. WabiSabi

    OFF-TOPIC They want to amend the IL constitution to eAT tHE rICH

    Man, that stuff is just a load of pseudoscience BS, Just read Plato's Republic, specifically book VIII. No need to reinvent the wheel on some of this stuff, just stick to the classics.
  19. WabiSabi

    OFF-TOPIC They want to amend the IL constitution to eAT tHE rICH

    This. The U.S school system is so laughably bad; it's a stretch to even call it education at this point. I don't think it's conspiracy, I think it's just incompetence. Socialism inherently appeals to the ignorant, uneducated and lower class. There's never been a better time for privatized...
  20. WabiSabi

    OFF-TOPIC They want to amend the IL constitution to eAT tHE rICH

    Because you (de jure) benefit from the protection and laws of the state. Human beings without government would kill, and steal from each other indiscriminately. Not many people would willingly live in an area where no rules exist. Human nature is brutal, violent, and self destructive. If some...

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