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  1. lkn2bfd

    REAL ESTATE Creative financing

    I was thinking maybe some of us could tell about our creative financing methods. Like no money out pocket,poor credit options,using options, ?
  2. lkn2bfd

    OFF-TOPIC For the children !!!
  3. lkn2bfd

    How much would you pay ?

    1.How much would you pay for a good custom hand car wash at your home ? 2.Would you rather have this done at home or would you rather take your car somewhere ?
  4. lkn2bfd

    OFF-TOPIC Fractional ownership/Car clubs ?

    So how do some of you who drive and own exotic cars feel about the two and please explain why you feel the way you do ?
  5. lkn2bfd

    Hunting and fishing camp ?

    I have an idea of something I would love to do but don't know if its even feasible. Its so hard to find a good place to go hunting or fishing these days most hunting clubs have just turned into a place where men just want to drink and curse they are not family oriented a place where you can take...
  6. lkn2bfd


    just wanted to say happy early thanksgiving to everyone !!!
  7. lkn2bfd

    Business Idea: Lambo Lottery Giveaway (legal issues?)

    The only problem is this legal in your area, contest were you are giving things away. I have thought about this to and if so what would you have to do to keep it legal ? I wanted to do this with a lambo sell tickets for 20 bucks who knows would like to hear information on legality's
  8. lkn2bfd

    work at home
  9. lkn2bfd

    OFF-TOPIC Destiny

    Who believes in you make your own destiny ? And who believes its just some peoples destiny to be rich or poor no matter how hard you try ? Or maybe its just luck in the people you meet in life and the friends you make. I would like to here from both the rich and soon to be just curious
  10. lkn2bfd

    WEB/DIGITAL godaddy !!!

    Has anyone here used them and if so how was there service ? I think at this place you buy domain names and they custom build your site,host and the whole nine yards don't they ? looks pretty cheap
  11. lkn2bfd

    WEB/DIGITAL Top rated ?

    What do you guy's think are some of the top rated web based business's that you can start on a shoe string and why ? and is it best to start from scratch or maybe buy in to one of these already setup work from home advertisement's
  12. lkn2bfd

    My goals

    To find the cheapest most profitable business I can to make enough money to start my real estate developing/building/realty company. I figure you can make money four ways doing this you develop,build and sell plus pay yourself a salary. There is tons of money just in the developing of raw land...
  13. lkn2bfd

    REAL ESTATE Investors ?

    So what would be the best way to find real estate Investors and when you do find them how would you convince them to trust you with their money ?
  14. lkn2bfd

    OFF-TOPIC Amazing !!!

    I just wanted to tell all of you that you have written a lot of amazing articles here. It's so inspiring my whole life I've been a dreamer. My whole life people have talked me out of doing things I wanted to do like start business's. oh this could happen that could happen you don't need to do...
  15. lkn2bfd

    HOT TOPIC what you love ?

    Whats that old saying do what you love for a living ? well what ever it is how many of you make money doing what you love just curious if this really works ?
  16. lkn2bfd

    looking forward to meeting everyone !!!

    Hello everyone my name is Chris I live in birmingham,Al, and I'm not in the fastlane yet but I have my blinker on trying to get over so look out LoL, you all have a nice day and looking for to talking with everyone.

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