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  1. J

    Stable job prevents me from making more money

    I realized just recently that my stable well-paid job (software developer) is actually preventing me from making more money. I red somewhere that if you get paid by the hour it will take you a lot of time to get very wealthy. For the next 2-3 months I'm bound to the project, but I'm thinking if...
  2. J

    Investing while still having debt

    I have around $9k of debt and $5k in cash - I pay only what I need (credit card), nothing more because in this times if something happens I'd rather be able to just get the cash out and run. My question is: should I invest some of it into stocks to accelerate it? I've seen a thread by GreyCode...
  3. J

    Bulk document generator

    For the last year I've been doing a web app for a compensation company that sends a lot of documents via snail mail because they require physical signature (yup, no fancy digital signatures). The web app is simplifying process of document creation by getting data from database and using it to...
  4. J

    Investing in exotic cars

    I haven't found such topic here yet. So recession is here. People expect inflation to hit so having to much cash at hand might not be such a good idea. I had a talk today about current situation and of course real estate was the first thing that came up to mind. But from what I see there are...
  5. J

    WEB SCHOOL Solo-preneur makes $50k/mo - NomadList creator NomadList and RemoteOK creator. In 5 years. And he's not even professional programmer. So much value there. Also this one here: Turning side projects into profitable startups
  6. J

    WEB/DIGITAL Mobile beer app - strategy for reviving an app

    Three years ago I made a craft beer app (on Android) that was showing what was on specific taps in bars near you. Back then there was nothing like it and craft beers just exploded in Poland. First iteration of it was really basic - it was literally white text on dark background. Despite this...
  7. J

    Programmer just quit his job - don't want any new job

    At the beginning of this month I quit my job. I'm a full stack developer (JavaScript), but after over 2 years I just couldn't work for the person I did. When I've done it I was like 20kg burden was off me. Just like that. I'm not worried about money now because I'm doing one off project for my...
  8. J

    Selling unprofitable business

    Hi everyone, I'm having eCommerce store for almost 3 years now that I'm trying to sell, but not sure how much could I ask for it. I'm not sure if that's allowed, but let me post the link to it: - website listed on Flippa Throughout those years I spent around $30k in...
  9. J

    EXECUTION App development for offline world

    Didn't know how to name the topic so here it go :) I' starting this thread since I'm pretty alone in my business ventures and really can't get any real feedback from friends. I'm a Android developer for 2 years (never programmed nothing before, my frist programming language) and since my...
  10. J

    WEB/DIGITAL Mobile is Eating the World

    Nice presentation about future of the mobile: Enjoy!
  11. J

    X-Factor motivated guy (2nd chance after 10 years)

    Just found x-factor episode where a guy dismissed by Simon Cowell after 10 years make him say 'Yes' on the show. Maybe not example of success, but quite proof that determination can really last for long - even 10 years: Enjoy!
  12. J

    Will Your Lambo make U happy?

    Just a short note that came to my mind today and wanted to share it with You guys. As some may know - I changed my carred to follow mobile apps creating. Day like any other day, I know why I'm learning this - I want to get a Lambo. But then other though came to my mind - will this make me...
  13. J

    WEB/DIGITAL Get A College-Level Education for Free

    Hi guys, recently found that: That's just awesome when it comes to techology. It's everything allready here. I bet this stuff could be made in one year. Hope You find this valuable :)
  14. J

    WEB/DIGITAL Allen Wong - App Millionaire Resources

    Hello, found this stuff lately. It's Allen Wong - long story short: made an app that bought him Aventador. Do I have You attention now? Good, so here it is: Allen Wong's Story: 11 Simple Lessons To Become a Millionaire: Interview:
  15. J

    Jordan Belfort - amazing interview I think he nailed it like a boss. For me - he's a man! Enjoy as there is so much to learn from this. P.S. If anyone missed - there will be a film about him in cinemas in december. Here's the trailer for those:
  16. J

    WEB/DIGITAL [Android] How to make it from zero to the Google Play store?

    Hello, haven't seen similar topic on Android development so I thought that it might come in value for those who want to start developing on this platform. I want to disclose that I haven't made millions on apps. Just know what it takes from zero to Your first dollar made. Okay, let's get...
  17. J

    [Infographic] Everyone Will Become Entrepreneur (from Virgin)
  18. J

    Nice local niche to capture

    Hey, guys Just started new bussiness in a local niche that, why not, anyone can do in Your local region. In today's world more and more people buy through internet. Everyone...except those who don't get it and are afraid of it. Who they are? Your beloved grannies :) People after 60' really...
  19. J

    Does Andrew Mason missed his chance with Groupon?

    I want to discuss this with You, guys. 7 months ago, Andrew Mason (Groupon owner) refused to sell his flagship for 6 bilion dollars to Google. Only on the USA market You can find 425 similiar companies and Groupon consecutively looses his part of the cake. It's obvious that this company...
  20. J

    Real truth about Dubai millionaires

    Found it some time ago and wanted to share it with You. Really, great perspective on arab wealth - yet, some of them are self-made one-generation multi-millionaires. Do I got You attention? ;) I put all part of the video here cause it's easier to have them in one post. Enjoy! :)...

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