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  1. Nico Marten

    BOOK The way of the wolf

    Read it and found some good insights the one that stuck out to me the most was how he used anchoring and building on that as an advantage to prepare for events, speeches, and other aspects.
  2. Nico Marten


    What are your specific workout goals/vision? Getting in the best shape by 37 is too vague.
  3. Nico Marten

    Promotions in Corporate World

    Comfortability. After so many years working at the same cubicle with the same coworkers many believe its exhausting updating their resumes and going to interviews.
  4. Nico Marten

    O/T: HEALTH All guys over 25 must read . . .

    You should ask yourself why do I have low testosterone and how did I get it most likely its the lifestyle you are living. Have you tried eating healthy and drinking only water Daily exercise Fasting (Proven to stabilize hormones) Cleanses Meditation Looks like you were seeking instant results...
  5. Nico Marten


    Read Unscripted, this book taught me more then all my business classes combined in college! Unscripted hits deep since I myself can resemble so much of your story to my very own. The book was the "Red Pill" that you reference, once the written words are read they can not be forgotten they will...

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