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  1. fvcorp

    Unscripted Envy

    I’ve been fastlaning a construction business lately. It’s brought about a funny problem... I can’t work with some trades because they think I’m breaking tradition too much. I get it: I’m aggregating quotes and it threatens their margins. But I never anticipated this. Have you ever encountered...
  2. fvcorp

    EXECUTION 10 Commandments of Fastlane

    This thread is to track my Execution/Progress. But to track it, I have to bring up the past to explain myself. Why did I go slowlane after school and work for an a**hole? Why did I make $170,000 per year and leave without a Plan B? Why did I build a $10M company and then burn the boats again...
  3. fvcorp

    INTRO A Polite Intro

    Howdy folks, This may be my introduction, but I’m going to begin with a few words to the man, @MJ DeMarco. I wish I had read Fastlane when it was first published. It would have enlightened me sooner and saved me from a few avoidable failures (probably several)! I also deeply appreciate the...

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