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  1. Ivan M.

    You're not scripted but how about your family?

    Hello all you Fastlaner's I know it's been a while since I visited this forum, but I just recently started thinking of a question and wanted to know if anyone else has this problem. I've read/listened to TMF and Unscripted for quite some time and till this very day still believe the doctrines...
  2. Ivan M.

    FORUM NEWS MJ's book made it to #7

    I was just skimming You Tube and found the video "15 Business Books Everyone Should Read" and MJ's book is number 7. I thought it was comical when it recommended to be read after the "4 Hour Workweek". Check this video out View: What do you think? Comments. ...
  3. Ivan M.

    RANT I can't stand being on SNAP. . . . .

    Ok people, you'll probably think I'm crazy for putting this kind of rant out there and I'll probably get some kind of feedback, regardless positive, negative or neutral, but I feel that I have to get this off my chest. Here it goes. . . . . I can't stand being on food stamps. I feel that I...
  4. Ivan M.

    Great Motivational Video!! Really moved me.

    This is a great motivational video!!!! Check this out. View:
  5. Ivan M.

    Great Motivational Video!! Check it out.

    I had to share this video with everyone. One of the greatest motivational videos I've seen. Check it out. View:
  6. Ivan M.

    INTRO Ended the script and started living

    I guess it's only fair that I've been on this forum for a month or two that I would now give an introduction of myself. I am a 47 year old male married to my wife for 13 years and 2 girls (6 and 11). During my whole life I believed that if you study hard, get good grades, go to college and...
  7. Ivan M.

    Need some help with drop-shipping.

    Hello Everyone, I am new to TMF and me and my wife has a website already built, but we need cash in order to jump start the business in order for it to work. We are coming from a low source of income, so we are in the business of Ebay/Amazon drop-shipping to give us a good running start. We...
  8. Ivan M.

    INTRO Franchising is a waste of time!!

    You know I used to own two franchises; a cleaning business and a personnel staffing firm back around 2006. I thought I was the man until the 2008 recession that took all that away. Not only that, but I had a house financed by a bank in the form of a stated loan because they I didn't have a...

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