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  1. ryjohn829

    INTRO Is Rags to Riches real?

    I’m 17 years old (turning 18 in 2 weeks.) I live 15 miles north of Boston. In MJ’s books he brings up how all of us who can access clean water have it good. I’m not here to throw a potty potty bc I live in a relatively nice house with an in ground pool. All of this came before my dad died (age...
  2. ryjohn829

    What would you tell your 17 YEAR OLD self?

    I’m 17 and I’ve decided that ito be an entrepreneur. The world feels so new to me. If you could go back in time and talk to your 17 year old self what would you tell him/her? Is life really that short? Do you wish you started at age 17? Saved Money to fuel your journey? Launched something?
  3. ryjohn829

    “You CANT be anything you set your mind to”

    As a kid my mother always told me, “you can be whatever you set your mind to.” This is a lie. On the long drive from Boston to Cape Cod she brought up my sister and her college (Salam State University). This is how it went.... she failed to mention that my sister is strapped with $60,000 of...
  4. ryjohn829

    I just discovered China

    A few hours ago I posted that I was concerned that I would have to rely on another company. There is only one company (as far as I know) that sells gum base in the United States and I don’t want to rely on them because that violates the Commandment of CONTROL. I can get the same ingredients 1000...
  5. ryjohn829

    Does this go against the commandment of CONTROL?

    I’m starting my first fastlane Bussiness, a product based service that solves a certain problem in the chewing gum industry. (I will update my forum with more information on this project soon) I need gum base and we have been trying to make our own for weeks with all kinds of crazy ingredients...
  6. ryjohn829

    Entrepreneurship is so ugly but WORTH IT

    I have just begun working on a project with my partner and it always starts off glamorous. For instance, "We are going to do something big". I agree with him. I would tell you what our idea is but, we haven't even created a prototype or refined our idea. Actually creating it is the hardest part...
  7. ryjohn829

    Swim Trunk REFINED

    Why are baiting suits so damn uncomfortable. Board shorts remove the net but you still gotta either ruin your underwear in chlorine/salt water or have your suit stick to your junk when you get out of the water. The worst problem of all is CHAFING. This is mostly a problem when you go to the...
  8. ryjohn829

    Potential Dead Wieght Business Partner

    Me and my best friends started a project 3 days ago and I think it has a lot of potential. On the first day we both spent all day drawing it out and everything seamed fine. We have 3 weeks off of school so I figured this is the time to start. I’ve doesn’t the last 3 days learning about solar...
  9. ryjohn829

    Creating Value: who would buy? [ROBOT POOL SKIMMER]

    I’ve been hopping from idea to idea for the last month and nothing seamed to stick. My partner and I were seeking to fix problems in the real world and create value. We both have pools and both of us don’t enjoy cleaning them. I have a robot that cleans the bottom of my pool so why can’t a robot...
  10. ryjohn829

    My first Climb

    I feel like I need to start something ASAP. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I picked up the millionaire fastlane and got hooked on audiobooks. I’ve read; unscripted, 4 hour work week, rich dad poor dad, & will it fly (currently reading). I think I should dump my ideas and start fresh...
  11. ryjohn829

    INTRO Underage Bostonian Beginner

    I’m Ryan. I’m 17 and I’m a sophomore from the Boston area of Massachusetts. I’m studying Machine Technology right now in high school. People keep telling me your young go be a kid. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and I need to do something valuable with these few more years I have to...
  12. ryjohn829

    WEB SCHOOL I think im stuck in the illusion of progress

    I'm 17 and want to become an entrepreneur. I want to design an app that can turn paper into an editable document (not a pdf) There are apps that can do this but i want to create a system that can be used for school. I want the files to be held in the cloud and view able on that app. I keep...

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