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  1. Diogo Santos

    HOT TOPIC What Is So Hard About Entrepreneurship?

    I'm with you on this one, overthinking it's definitely my biggest issue as well. I also end up not enjoying my days because I know I'm supposed to, let's say, search for a potential product or market but for some reason, I always end up procrastinating and not doing the tasks I need to. But I...
  2. Diogo Santos

    End of drop-shipping in Europe in 2021?

    Hello guys, I just came across the information that from 2021 on, the existing VAT exemption for goods up to 22 € in Europe will disappear. So now we will have to pay the VAT ( % according to your country ) AND the service and handling fees, which on small items will often be more than the cost...
  3. Diogo Santos

    GOLD! $126,727 in PROFIT So Far This Month | eCommerce

    Loved the thread, a lot of value to be picked up from here! And all at the age of 21 that's amazing!
  4. Diogo Santos

    EXECUTION Starting my first E-commerce venture.

    Awesome thread, really inspiring!! Did you grab an already existing product and made it better or was did you start something from the ground? I really like your approach to finding products that trigger people's emotions, never thought about it that way. I'll keep following this thread! :)
  5. Diogo Santos

    MARKETPLACE Walter Hay’s Rare Discount Sale.

    I bought the Import from China book, a long time ago, and still use the new 2019 updated version, it has really useful information, and if you're still a newbie you will save more by buying this book then actually going in by yourself with no experience at all. Highly recommend it!
  6. Diogo Santos

    First time importing from Alibaba? Here's some tips!

    Well, it does make sense! but the prices I'm looking for is about half what they're posting on Alibaba... I do find them in Aliexpress but it's probably low-quality items, but they're charging double on Alibaba, I could negotiate with them after some time but I highly doubt they will take half...
  7. Diogo Santos

    First time importing from Alibaba? Here's some tips!

    Hey @Walter Hay, appreciate you taking your time to watch this boring video ( because there's nothing new for what you already know) and taking the time to give your opinion. I have your Book, I've read it a couple of times already and took notes! highly recommend it, for anyone who hasn't read...
  8. Diogo Santos

    First time importing from Alibaba? Here's some tips!

    Hello guys, I'm on the process of finding a supplier for my products on Alibaba and I'm gathering some information before I do so I won't have any surprises later on, I've found this video and it sure helped me, so it can probably help you if you're still diving into Alibaba. View...
  9. Diogo Santos

    NOTABLE! $500,000+ revenue on Shopify!

    First of all, I want to say thank you for creating this thread, it's been some time but you still answered questions asked and provided some really good info! that's awesome. Now here's my question.. I totally agree with what you said here. But let's say you target dog owners, what products...
  10. Diogo Santos

    Sim, acredito que seria interesante! mas nao sei ate que ponto teriamos, pessoas suficientes de...

    Sim, acredito que seria interesante! mas nao sei ate que ponto teriamos, pessoas suficientes de modo a que fosse um forum ativo, acho que posso contar pelo dedos os Portugueses ativos que encontramos neste forum pelo menos. |:
  11. Diogo Santos

    How to approach a small market?

    You got a point, I was trying to make sure everything was ok before I started, so I don't build a house on a weak foundation, and it falls later on. But I can always start small and then expand as @NMdad said.
  12. Diogo Santos

    How to approach a small market?

    Hello! I'm going to tell my story, and then I will tell you the problem I'm facing if you're not interested in reading the story just skip to "STARTS HERE", thank you! So where to start.. A couple of years ago, I was stuck at a 9-5 job I hated and I was really lost in what to do with my life...
  13. Diogo Santos

    Forum problems with Chrome & IE

    This happens to me on Chrome on this page "Books Fastlaners Recommend" it doesn't appear any books for me, I have to use IE in order for them to show up, I have my permission for java, flash etc..
  14. Diogo Santos

    How important is it to make entrepreneurial friends?

    I truly believe in that sentence of "you are an average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with", I think they can really influence you and the way you act. Personally, I like to go to the gym, eat properly read books and use my time wisely, to develop myself in any way. Then I got...
  15. Diogo Santos

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    I totally agree with you on using your own platform, it's all about CONTROL, but when i told you Custom Cat or Teelaunch they're just the same as prinftul, they're a fulfillment company like them, and they have shopify integration as well. Custom Cat has a monthly fee but the top seller t-shirt...
  16. Diogo Santos

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    Exactly. Branded website, branded logo, branded products, you can put mugs, shirt's, hoodies with the designs, you name it, all dropshiped from the same company if you don't want to mix things up and keep the dropshipping method, something along the niche. And you can even make your own...
  17. Diogo Santos

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    This. This is so important, you need to find a passionate niche, like cycling, cross fit etc.. something people love, and target them. Make funny shirts inside the niche, something that people connect to. For example lets say you go into the dog niche, and you choose pugs, if i saw and fb add...
  18. Diogo Santos

    INTRO You're from where??

    Porto, Portugal
  19. Diogo Santos

    Needing a path

    No problem, you have lots of information on this forum, finding this forum at your age, can change your life forever, there's gold nuggets in here you just need to go and pick them up ;)
  20. Diogo Santos

    Needing a path

    That's far from being a job, you're still pretty young though so first i would recommend getting a job, so you could gather some money and start doing something on the side. Real wealth won't come fast, there's a process behind it, you can't just go from page 1 to page 399 and expect to be...

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