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    Ideas for a marketing business

    That's clear and concise. Thanks Andy! Also, I need to go through all of your recordings ASAP, looks pretty valuable.
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    Ideas for a marketing business

    I have no Idea how LEAD GENERATION AS A BUSINESS MODEL would work. Sorry if You misunderstood what I meant. Maybe I wasn't clear enough.
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    Started my first gig on Fiver.

    I don't have any clients on fiver as of now, can't break it to him YET. Any advice on getting started with clients on fiverr?
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    Started my first gig on Fiver.

    Why's that?
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    Ideas for a marketing business

    Interesting, I was thinking of starting a lead gen website..but no Idea how it works. Any advice?
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    Started my first gig on Fiver.

    It’s been just a couple of days on this forum, and reading the millionaire fastlane has changed my perspective towards business, and life itself. With a lot of motivation from the people in this forum.. I’ve taken the first step going from slowlane to fastlane. I’ve started a gig on Fiver. It’s...
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    O/T: HEALTH I don’t feel well rested

    Nope, pretty lean actually.
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    O/T: HEALTH I don’t feel well rested

    I’ve been struggling with sleep for a few weeks now. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel as fresh as I should, even after a 7-8 hour sleep. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, maybe it’s my sleep habits getting in the way. Do you guys have any tips related to getting a better sleep and...
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    Addictions? Vices? Purpose?

    I suggest reading JAMES CLEAR’s amazing book ATOMIC HABITS. It would definitely change your life.
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    Promote my book

    In order to get more sales, you need to first post in the local facebook and Instagram groups about your book. We have no problem publicising your book, but since it’s written in’d be a difficult thing to do. I suggest translating the book in english(once you get enough sales) to...
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    Addictions? Vices? Purpose?

    This is as common as any other addiction. In order to beat this addiction, you need to ask yourself before you lean into the habit “Why am I doing this?” . A simple technique I used was sitting with that urge for 10-15 minutes before taking any action. Think about why you’re doing this and what...
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    EXECUTION Starting my first E-commerce venture.

    That’s amazing! Almost like a fairy tale, lol. Good to know that your product is selling despite being a non essential. If you need help selling it in international markets, PM me. And also, keep us posted on this venture. Cheers
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    Ideas for a marketing business

    I have a 3-4 year experience in the field of marketing and sales, with additional skills involving closing a deal, lead generation, cold-calling, building a sales funnel, etc. Can I start a business in any of the given field? Any other ideas to start a business in the marketing field?
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    NOTABLE! I emailed 40 local organisations asking what their problems and frustrations are

    That’s really a helpful approach. Thank!!
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    7 days and $750 Dollars to Market my Product. Where do I start?

    Agreed, joining a dedicated forum, using hashtags related to your product and running ads on just a single platform or two, would be a cheaper option in my opinion.
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    The clock is ticking - What would you do? Startup Marketing

    My response might be out of date but I suppose hiring an up and coming influencer(with a fewer than 2-3 thousand followers) would be cheaper and might work in the short term, just to get your contest going.
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    B2B Marketing Service w/Money Back Guarantee?

    IMO, nobody would provide a guarantee on anything these days. You might try out a freelancer from fiverr or something similar, that’d be cheaper and more effective.
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    AndyTalks with Sonny about getting his 1st digital marketing client

    The summary is a GEM! lot’s of useful insights. Thank you!
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    INTRO Slowlane salesman, 180k/year.

    Wow!! 180k is a big amount. I’m just curious though, when you say you make cold calls for other companies, what is it that you actually do? Are you targeting a specific sector for sales?

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