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  1. Joozed

    MARKETPLACE Q&A Links: Improve Rankings & Become an Industry Expert with Niche-Relevant Links

  2. Joozed

    OFF-TOPIC Case study - ranking a drone webshop

    This is a case study that explains in 5 steps how to rank a new ecommerce store: I think it shows that you don’t necessarily have to focus on the quantity of your back links. Good content, a keyword strategy, relevancy and the...
  3. Joozed

    Starting up event rental biz

    You could also tie in some type of historical angle as well. I know there is a lot of history in Ohio. Maybe re-purpose and re-think some Ohio antiques that you could rent out. Something like Hip (environmental side) and Historical (Ohio side) Rentals. Maybe you or your wife are good at...
  4. Joozed

    Starting up event rental biz

    I would think of a unique spin to add onto the idea. I would source / buy environmentally friendly table / chair products. Then you could set yourself apart from the competitors while adding something positive to the world. Maybe drop the rentals off in a smart car. Market the company as an...
  5. Joozed

    WEB/DIGITAL Mobile Apps- Free with ads vs. app for $$$

    You may also want to consider offering the app for free and then selling upgrades for small fees (i.e. new levels, unlimited lives, extra weapons, new characters etc.). That is a rout a lot of popular or successful apps have gone over the years and is a different approach then mentioned above...
  6. Joozed

    PUBLISHING Turning a publishing problem into an asset?

    Write a "How Not To Ghost Write A Romance/Erotica Novella" then you can sell it as something else, still get the content out and use it as a training manual for future hires. That's a win, win, win!
  7. Joozed

    EXECUTION Need some advice monetizing my job listing website

    -maybe try to focus on a niche (i.e. some type of seasonal or special island work) and then target that niche hard and build from there after you make all the connections you can in that niche -make sure you are adding content from other job sites in your area (making it unique to your site)...
  8. Joozed

    21 Quotes to Super-charge Your mindset

    Great list. I like the quote from Michael Delll "Quote: “The idea of being all things to all people is a thing of the past.”" I think it shows that while the world has a larger global reach, the power behind niches and micro tasks will be vital in succeeding on grander scales. It reminds us...
  9. Joozed

    Rewards for accomplishing goals

    Always remember also a lot of times the rewards are in the actual journey and not necessarily what you get at the end.
  10. Joozed

    One Man Shop?

    I would suggest starting with what you are passionate about rather then trying to pick any idea out of the air. What are your favorite hobbies? What are you most skilled at in life? Starting with things you that really care about or are really good at is great way to take simple ideas or...
  11. Joozed

    Retired from the NFL at 26

    Pretty interesting article. He is still very young and will learn a lot with his open attitude. He should still understand though that you are always representing something which will have restrictions. You have to stand for something in life and there will be boundaries. All that being said...
  12. Joozed

    INTRO New guy, changing lanes!

    Good luck with quest Jeff! Very ambitious! What is the niche you plan to enter in? If you just got the job you really really wanted what is the rush to leave? Do you know if there is an app that shows all the flea markets and garage sales that are going on at any one given time? That would be...
  13. Joozed

    Idea + Short Term Progress

    One marketing / design angle you might want to consider taking is making the product also like a koozie / coozie so it would almost be a dual function. This would also let you tap in the sports / tailgating / BBQ niche as well.
  14. Joozed

    PUBLISHING A Dire Need for Resources

    I have no professional editor -Post the editing job on Elance a few times. Find the best editor based on proposal, feedback and price I have not decided where is the best place to publish -Sell it on absolutely every type of platform you can. Look at a company like bookBaby to even begin to...
  15. Joozed

    Ebay's Customer Service

    Looks like this was one of those cases in life where patience was virtue! At least they did not charge you and your account is cleared now. So while a hassle the end result was bearable. This was probably an isolated case as I know lots of people who never issues with Ebay and have used them...
  16. Joozed

    How to copywrite my way out of my job?

    Since you are just starting out the key is to get going. Put a copywriting gig up on Fiverr. Writing jobs are extremely popular on Fiverr and many of them do huge sales and volume. While you most likely not get rich you will get to practice your craft, build a resume / reputation, learn more...
  17. Joozed

    INTRO Hello

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I am new to the forum and hope to learn a lot and help where I can. Read a lot interesting threads so far. Hope to see everyone around!

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