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  1. 50 yr old+ Entrepreneurs- Help Wanted

    I wanted to know how many in this group are 50+ Entrepreneurs? As far as I have been able to research this subject older entrepreneurs don't have a formal 'business support' group to go to in their own communities. If this is correct and if you are presently a 50+ Entrepreneur where are you...
  2. Seniorpreneur Mindset

    I would be interested in some comments regarding what principles will be required to develop the right entrepreneurial:smxF: mindset for Seniors (60 Plus) to become more creative and productive in their retirement years? Thanks. Joe Wasylyk Seniorpreneur
  3. When I'm 64 will you still need me?

    I am interested to find out what business strategy you will have as a Senior when you turn 60 Plus? Are you going to be creative with some productive projects OR are you going to just lay back sit in your rocking chair and enjoy the leisure life? What business ideas do you have for retirement...
  4. OFF-TOPIC Seniorpreneur Project

    What is your business strategy going to be when you turn 60 years of age? I would be very interested in your comments. Will you finally quit the work place and concentrate on your traditional values for a more productive retirement? Thanks for listening. Joe Wasylyk Seniorpreneur:thumbsup:
  5. Seniorpreneurs Wanted

    Are there any Seniorpreneurs (60 Plus) out there who want to form a business support group to get some business ideas for senior entrepreneurs? This would be an ideal way to spend some or ALL of your retirement time working on creative projects and be able to contribute to society and build...
  6. Introduction-New Canadian Member

    I am a Seniorpreneur based in Edmonton, AB Canada. I am searching for new business ideas to help me with my 'Project Seniorpreneur' (see Google Search). My mission is to empower Seniors (60 Plus) to become entrepreneurs and build a Legacy. Thanks for listening. Joe Wasylyk Seniorpreneur...
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