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  1. Tourmaline

    Anyone using Node.js for their website?

    I'm curious if anyone is using Node.js for their website. If so, why did you choose it over other platforms? Any pros/cons about using it so far? Would you use it again if you could start over? Is your website an informational site, ecommerce shop, or something more complex?
  2. Tourmaline

    How quickly to implement making many changes to an e-commerce store?

    If you have 6 changes on a website you want to make, and your website gets some sales but not a lot should you: 1. Make one change, wait a few weeks and see how sales respond, then repeat 2. Make a few changes, wait a few weeks and see how sales respond, then repeat 3. Make all the changes at...
  3. Tourmaline

    How to manage orders for ecommerce when going out of town??

    How do I manage orders for my ecommerce site when I'm going out of town? Previously I have simply stopped advertising, but that is not a long term solution, and it feels like a loss in potential and time. Would simply putting a banner at the top of the site saying 'orders will ship out on...
  4. Tourmaline

    Help/Critique for Increasing Website Conversions

    My website is pretty new, and I need some help with increasing my conversions. Any book suggestions or sites that you like for learning how to make your website convert will be very useful. My site is in my profile. Typically for Facebook Ads I get 4-5% click rate, but of that only about 1%...
  5. Tourmaline

    When to stop Facebook Ad? Why do Ads stop being effective when only a small percentage of an audience has seen it?

    When a Facebook Ad was getting good traffic and conversions, and then keeps getting traffic but no more conversions, after how long should you typically pull the plug on it? I understand that Ads only are successful for so long. I have an ad that had about a 5% CTR and converted for about a...
  6. Tourmaline

    Limited Time: Focus on new ads or Focus on adding products to store?

    My time is rather limited, so I'm trying to figure out if I should spend time learning new advertising platforms and creating ads for them, or taking pictures of new products and creating the listing and details. I have about 20 hours of work to do in each area. Which would you prioritize...
  7. Tourmaline

    INTRO Looking for some like minded individuals

    I joined this forum to look for like minded individuals. People that have already achieved and want wealth, primarily driven through business and investment. After many many years of wanting to start a business again, I pulled the trigger late last year and am currently growing my business. I...
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