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  1. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO I will become a fastlaner

    s Welcome to the the light outside the shadows. You've really been lurk'n for 60+ months? Hard core, man. Congrats on deciding to change lanes.
  2. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO Flying in.

    Welcome home!
  3. bitsinmyblood

    OFF-TOPIC "Complaints of fraud"

    ROFL This paragraph got a whole new angel of relevance, recently. " Bill Cosby one said, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." " I mean, you can't make this stuff up!
  4. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO Introduction

    sounds like you've made the decision, already.
  5. bitsinmyblood

    RANT Making Your Bed

    The kind of chicks you want like dudes that are confident and capable. The other kind are usually lazy slobs, themselves, so no worries.
  6. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO I joined the Fastlane

    I guess you have to ask yourself what would happen if you didn't sell booze. Would that prevent addiction? Obviously not. Access isn't the problem.. Besides, there are more people that responsibly enjoy various compounds. I don't see drugs or compounds as good or bad, just tools like a shovel or...
  7. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO The IT everyone talks about

    A long way of describing fear. Overriding the instinctual behavior of putting fear in the driver's seat is liberating. Try it :) PEDAL TO THE METAL!
  8. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO The IT everyone talks about

    Welcome. Like so many of us, you were fortunate enough to have been guided to the slowlane - lots better than the sidewalk! Congrats on your evolution. May I ask you what took you so long? Examining what delayed this action may be a valuable lesson as you move forward. Was there a cost/benefit...
  9. bitsinmyblood

    HOT TOPIC Should I dumb down my content for people like @vigilante and @imgal?

    Believing that reducing the length of a text is dumbing it down is a pretty shallow perspective. Quantity is a separate metric not attached to or dependent on quality. People are asking for a shorter read, not an easier read. I doubt anyone here lacks the horsepower to conceptualize what you're...
  10. bitsinmyblood

    O/T: FUNNY F*ck This Guy - Tai Lopez

    That's the /dev/null black hole that sucks down the dreams of millions of people every year I was talking about. The fact that the principles of business, such as your CENTS philosophies, are not taught in the 6th grade is the real issue. For God's sake, imagine the BLINDING speed of innovation...
  11. bitsinmyblood

    O/T: FUNNY F*ck This Guy - Tai Lopez

    Good point re: the status quo. Government and the educational industry certainly have a huge stake in kicking the can down the road. Modern politics is all about the perception of pushing for 'change' when in fact they're doing everything they can to 'control' (slow, hinder, stop) that change.
  12. bitsinmyblood

    O/T: FUNNY F*ck This Guy - Tai Lopez

    I have to say that the television watching, Tai Lopez infatuated coupon clipper sheep you're referring to are the same demographic who have most of the antidepressant prescriptions. I've gone though times when I had no passion and no vision to see a way out of the mediocrity race for the...
  13. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO I'm 47, no net worth, facing some critical decisions...

    After reading this thread, here's what I've concluded: 1. OP must post pics so we are able to judge for ourselves this "insanely hot" woman (girl?). How much pity are you looking for? 2. Passive aggression is a defense mechanism we use when we don't understand things well enough to sufficiently...
  14. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO You're from where??

    Port Angeles, Washington
  15. bitsinmyblood

    INTRO I'm gonna be a dad.. Did I just lose the Fastlane?

    I agree with everyone who says being a parent is the greatest motivation.
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