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  1. EXECUTION Quitting my Investment Banking Job and Moving West

    I also ended my investment banking job from last 2 months. The work culture of this industry is so stressful also work pressure is so high that's why i quit that job
  2. Gmail vs zoho?

    after-all G-Mail is worlds most popular search engine Google's product so it may affect somewhere. And yes zoho may give you some free services that doesn't mean that must be useful. So genuinely my option is Google.
  3. EXECUTION Social media from scratch and crowdfunding campaigns

    Thanks For Sharing Your Case It Will Be Helpful:smile2:
  4. NOTABLE! These Are The Headlines That Will Make You Go Viral

    Yupp thats true you must have to give very catchy headlines for your websites which will directly impact on the mindset of the visitor. But it should be neat and clean so that they can understand your language very easily.
  5. IMPORTANT! Getting the MOST out of Fastlane (Required Read)

    Hii there I Am Rajveer, The biggest simple & silly reason for your website loading time is the images you put on your webpages are of so high resolutions that why search engines may take more time to load your website. People hate waiting they don't care even if your website having a great...
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