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  1. Angelic

    If you had a check written out to you for $150,000

    Who would you reach out to first? What type of investment would you make that you'd think will give you the best return in a moderate time frame? When would you imagine it will yield the best gain at the quickest pace? Where else would you disperse other portions of that liquidity? Why wouldn't...
  2. Angelic

    Convincing customers to switch to a higher paying service

    I'm in an industry where we supply top of the line service, however most of the time we are more expensive than our competitors. How can I display value to potential clients about why they should switch, putting the cost aside? What is the best way to find their needs, put together a custom...
  3. Angelic

    Question regarding selling platform

    Hi fellow fastlaners, I have a question about my business. Currently I am clearing about $1k a week in gross profit, and I am strictly online. Right now my main selling platform is eBay, and I have tried others, however it just didn't give me the right exposure as eBay does. Not to mention the...

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