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    EXECUTION When to Pivot?

    Thanks for your feedback guys. @NMdad that's a really good idea. FYI @Ernman I bought the 3D printer already. After thinking it over and using WADM here's what I came up with: Decision Factors & Weights Complete prototype = 10 Level of control = 7 Cost = 5 Knowledge gain = 6 Health side...
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    EXECUTION When to Pivot?

    It just occurred to me MJ's Weighted Average Decision Matrix would be helpful here. I'll post mine work up of it later today.
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    EXECUTION When to Pivot?

    Hey all, I'm hoping to generate some discussion and get some feedback on decision making in the process of product/business system creation. Currently I have an idea for a gadget call it "The Awesome Machine". I've been learning CAD and trying to build a PoC (proof of concept). One tool I...
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    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    Workbench I made by re-purposing my bed frame and bolting on some 4x6". 3D printer, soldering, bench-top power supply, and of course my laptop. Bachelor pad and nerd paradise!! Ground zero for independent wealth or bust.
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    INTRO Hello World 2.0

    Super helpful, thanks @Roli !! Also, as a more experienced community member what are your thoughts on sharing/vetting ideas and plans (obviously not for promotional purposes). I know that any idea I have has almost certainly occurred to someone else before. I'm curious about the risks of being...
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    INTRO Hello World 2.0

    Hello, I'm joining this forum to expand my pursuit of independent wealth. I am a tinker, dreamer, and free spirit. My background is in Computer Science and Software Engineering. I love my craft but after a few years in the industry I'm realizing this is crap job (albeit a high paying one). I...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I read The Millionaire Fastlane and I'm working my way back through the Fast Lane portion of the book as I try to create a business system. Frankly this book is one of a couple sources I investigated when I decided I wanted to pursue independent wealth. The other were shady or overt get rich...

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