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  1. Athos Porthos

    GOLD! The Only 3 Beliefs Holding You Back Right Now

    This is a very good copywriting ad :) KNAWLEDGE
  2. Athos Porthos

    HOT TOPIC The Weirdest Business Model (worth copying)

    You aren't thinking about this from the right lens. The client is *not* dead at the time of the sale. The client, in fact, likely feels more alive than ever at the very thought of completing this kind of sale.
  3. Athos Porthos

    HOT TOPIC Your Thoughts On Meditation?

    Wrist tapping should not be overlooked. It is especially helpful during times of epiglottis globis. This man gives a great example: View:
  4. Athos Porthos

    How to make $1,000,000 when you are a broke 17 year old

    Man I made a website for a guy who crafted homemade wooden smartphone speaker docks years and years ago, and urged him to apply and be one of the first people to list on Amazon Handmade when it opened up for applications bc all he sold on was Etsy and in person tradeshows. Couldve made a killing...
  5. Athos Porthos

    "Copywriting Secrets in 5 Minutes" - Explode Your Sales During The Covid-19 Pandemic

    Isn't this where you mention you do graphic design? :D
  6. Athos Porthos

    NOTABLE! I Make $15,000/month - 3 Hours of Work Per Day

    You don't know where stuff is coming from. When I first started doing this a long time ago, I bought a MacBook and it got firmware locked after I flipped it. It turns out that it belonged to the girlfriend of the guy that originally sold it to me and he had taken it when they broke up. It was...

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