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    Beware 3D Secure

    We've had problems all year with Google Analytics missing some website transactions. Using the downtime during the COVID-19 crisis we were able to do some more intensive testing and found that not only were many transactions not being tracked but that many were outright failing and appeared to...
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    SEO Site Structure

    Hey guys. My tourist activities business is in hibernation due to the Corona situation so I'm working on a side project that I've wanted to have a go at for a while. I'm aiming to create a worldwide authority site for our (relatively specific) niche, linking up the very best tours and...
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    Outsourcing, Specifications & Project Management

    Hey guys, we've managed to get our business to the stage where it's largely becoming automated and growing nicely. We're not however big enough to have an in-house marketing/graphic design/web-development/SEO team etc and will need to outsource. Is there any advice that you would give in terms...

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