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    Customer satisfaction as investment strategy

    Customer satisfaction surveys are not new. There are tons of companies that provide such service, but the differentiator will be how they can get you the right data, use of NPS, data gathering, reporting, etc. It's important to know what your customers think. I personally SoGoSurvey Customer...
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    HOT TOPIC Motivate me..! I just can't do the work..!

    Motivation comes from within. No matter how many books you read, videos you watch, games you play, until you are ready to deep dive in the ocean, there is nothing that can create that spark in you. Believe in yourself and get going. Eat dark chocolates a lot.
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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Currently, I am reading how to win friends and influence people
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    Where to find good VA for web dev?

    WoodBows Magic Virtalent Fancy Hands Virtual Staff Finder Time Etc 24/7 Virtual Assistan MyOutDesk
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    How to find a profitable blogging niche?

    Look for topics that people like to read most and which is not covered by other blogs. A lot of blogs have the same style and information which makes the reader bored. So if you want to mint money with your writing, then look for interesting rare topics.
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    Do we really need to a million books just to be wealthy?

    Every book is written with a purpose. While one book gives you idea, the other might have experience of the author. It's advisable to read and understand as much as you can before you even jump to start your own venture.
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    INTRO Greetings from Moscow

    Welcome to the group Vadim. Wish you all the best for future endeavor.
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    SurveyMonkey: Has Anyone Used it For Market Research?

    I would recommend you use SoGoSurvey for dissertation, market research, and for other online survey projects. They offer you a basic account with a good amount of features and a ten-day trial on a higher package if your requirement is high. You can attend a demo with them to understand what they...
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    HOT TOPIC Z**** Changed How I View The World

    Z for Gen Z. That's simply amazing and Thanks for sharing this.
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    GOLD! The Only 3 Beliefs Holding You Back Right Now

    Great stuff, Steve. I used to fear for my job every time I realize and thought over it many times. If I don't have a job, the worst thing will happen, I will be broke or even go down the streets, but still, that can't shift my confidence or change the inner me. Now, I give the same advice to...
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    Which online business is trending?

    You can try online delivery kitchen service. Since people can't go out to eat, you can cater delicious healthy food to them via your start-up. It will work well.
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    MARKETPLACE Lex DeVille's - Advanced Freelance Udemy Courses!

    Great. I will check them out and share my feedback. Thanks for sharing and helping us with your knowledge. Keep up the great work.
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    MARKETPLACE You Are One Call Away From Living Your Dream Life - LightHouse’s Accountability Program ⚡

    Wow. This is amazing crazy stuff. Something for introvert is absolutely needed. Your video is crystal clear. And thank you for sharing.
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    HOT TOPIC Your Thoughts On Meditation?

    I had a similar experience to you. Meditation helps to remove the toxic thoughts from your mind. It helps to keep yourself free from unwanted thoughts and help you relax the entire day. Though you cannot remove thoughts from your mind completely, you can always eliminate the ones you don't want
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    I'm "Officially" a Millionaire Now

    Congrats. Can you share your success story. How you get there. What extra did you do. Did anyone helped you, or you single handedly did everything on your own.
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    Building an Email List for Sneakerheads

    Wow. Loved what you are doing. You should try posting your content on Facebook Sneakerheads pages, and see the response. You can even try Influencer marketing with IG influencers who can post your content for a barter (it will save you money).
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    Indeed, I tried it and it worked. Very effective and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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