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    Selling on Amazon vs Website

    I was in the exact same position as you, so can share my insights into your question. I sell a private label product and decided to start selling using Amazon FBA first. My product has started selling well, so this has verified to me that there is a demand for my product and now I will look to...
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    INTRO Roebuck from UK - Introducing myself

    Hi Roebuck! Welcome to the forum! I am also new here and from the UK. What part of the UK are you from? Good luck with the new venture! Thanks, Steve
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    INTRO Hello from Steve in the UK!

    Hi everyone! My name's Steve and I'm a 30 year old aspiring entrepreneur from the UK! A little about me - I come from a working class family (no entrepreneurs, no business owners and most of my family have worked for the same company for a very long time). From a very young age I realised I...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read the book! Really opened my eyes and I look forward to applying the principles I have learned. Thank you!
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    INTRO Hi from Holly in UK

    Thank you! Yeah everyone seems really nice and I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here!
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    INTRO Hi from Holly in UK

    Hi Holly! I am also new here (just signed up today!). I'm from the UK too (Gloucestershire). Sorry to hear about your situation, however this is a great opportunity for you to reflect , try out new things and really evaluate what you want to do with your life like you have said. I have just...

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