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  1. Andrew McBurney

    Work: Late Night vs. Early Morning

    I bounce back and forth but definitely more work during the day / asleep at night. If I am in "build" mode and just need to hammer things out, I don't mind staying up late and throwing my sleep schedule off. Definitely more creative and productive like this, but it takes its toll on me. When I...
  2. Andrew McBurney

    Need to Binge on some Sales Funnel Content - 7 Years into Marketing 6 months into Web Design

    Need a break from my work so going to rant here… hope this is helpful for you. Like @Black_Dragon43 suggested - Dan Kenndy and Russel Brunson are both excellent sources here. The only book I'd add on top of his two to get you going - and don't read it until after Dan's book - would be Kick-a$$...
  3. Andrew McBurney

    INTRO It is time to get accountable

    Awesome action taking! I find setting a specific time to learn helps "bypass" the routine bullshit that often gets in the way of learning a new skill - and then treating it just like a non-negotiable appointment. Learning to code was one of the things I did in my last year at a 9-5 job. I've...
  4. Andrew McBurney

    OFF-TOPIC Losing friendships

    It sounds like you're growing as a person. It can be scary and exciting. Find new friends with more similar interests. Perhaps you've developed in different ways than your old friends - and don't "fit" like you used to. It doesn't make you or them any less than the other... it's just a part of...
  5. Andrew McBurney

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I just finished the book last week and it was great!

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