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  1. Michaela

    Consulting for Businesses that are broke

    Hi Friends, It has been awhile since I posted. I have spent a lot of time action faking and wasting my time thinking instead of taking action. However, a few weeks ago things have finally started coming together. I have officially registered a business with the IRS and have taken real steps to...
  2. Michaela

    Am I Action-Faking?

    Hello Friends, I am still new to the Fastlane Forum, so apologize if a discussion like this has already taken place. I am looking for advice from other Fastlane followers to let me know if they think that I am "action-faking". I am in the process of designing a website that I am confident will...
  3. Michaela

    INTRO Greetings From West Virginia

    Hello all, My name is Michaela, I am from West Virginia. I was listening to a podcast one morning and that is when I was first introduced to The Millionaire Fastlane. I immediately ordered the book from Amazon and read all of the sample chapters before my book even arrived. This book is...

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