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  1. MichaelCash

    OFF-TOPIC How to find people to join my company on LinkedIn

    I have a website that belongs to the social/media advertising industry. It targets small and medium-sized businesses in different industries, including international trade, retail, online business, and many others. It helps entrepreneurs connect and find business partners to expand their...
  2. MichaelCash

    need help to come up with a business model for a message board for recruiters

    Hello, I run a message board for recruiters where they post job offerings and new positions. After some promotion, I have a few posts per day regularly. Unfortunately, a bigger part of their content is not unique because it usually first posted somewhere else, e.g. on indeed or LinkedIn...
  3. MichaelCash

    1 on 1 Zoom event - please criticize the idea

    I have got an idea to organize 1 on 1 online sessions in zoom. The idea is that people register on the website and leave their emails. My service matches people interested in some specific subject. After this, it sends out an email to the parties that were matched with a zoom invite and they can...
  4. MichaelCash

    What hobby or business is good to expand social circle?

    Can someone recommend me what business should I start or maybe what hobby to acquire to expand my social circle? I don't want to do it full time, but rather a kind of part-time project. I was always amazed by TV anchors, as they are so good in connecting with people while they have guests in...
  5. MichaelCash

    How to add signature

    Most likely f it was already answered, but it can find only really old posts on this.... Is there any way to add a signature? Do I need to upgrade my membership to use a signature?
  6. MichaelCash

    article submission problem: SEO gurus please help

    I wrote a series of articles about starting a business and startups which I now want to publish them online. These are high quality articles carefully written by myself. I tried to submit them to several online resources that accept submission but didn't get any response. Honestly, I am very...
  7. MichaelCash

    Non profit for a media company?

    Hi! Is it possible to register a media company that produces some content as Non Profit? It should be some videos about local businesses and tech industry, etc. I am not looking for getting profit out of it for now anyway. Thank you
  8. MichaelCash

    please help me name the web site

    I am working on a side project, the idea is that it is going to be a kind of niche message board/classified ads website. Can somebody help me select a name for this project? I have several options in mind but it is hard to pick the good one, especially because all good domains are already...
  9. MichaelCash

    DRIVE-BY why is it so hard to build local disucassion forum/message board?

    Just wanted to see if someone else faced a similar issue and what could be the reason I was trying to build a local discussion forum for a quite large city where people can discuss local things. It was a forum for tech people, which includes job talks, tech business, looking for a business...
  10. MichaelCash

    Start a startupgrind chapter

    Hi! I am thinking of starting up a startup grind charter in my city, it is a large city with a few millions people in eastern Europe. Does anybody know what support startup grind will provide? I will need to spend my time on this, so I am wondering what would be my benefits... Obviously...
  11. MichaelCash

    should I go global or local?

    I built a local discussion forum for a niche industry... Now after 4 weeks I realized that only 1 user signed up and it is hard to get people onboard. I posted a link and a small ad at a free local classifieds. It was designed as a local forum and it targets one large city around 10mln people...
  12. MichaelCash

    Coding bootcamp business - is it worth to start?

    Hi there! I am thinking of starting coding bootcamp business. What do you think it is worth to start? The problem is that it seems not a very scalable business. Even if it is successful, you can get some medium income. The good thing for me is that cost of entry for this business is pretty...
  13. MichaelCash

    how to join some startup groups or conferences?

    Hi there! I would like to join some venture funds or groups that work with startup, e.g. I am interested in organizations like Techweek, Startup Grind, BuiltIn, fundconference, etc In other words, I am interested to work with startups, during my free time. I am a senior software engineer...
  14. MichaelCash

    gadgets for import-export

    Hi there, I have always been interested in import-export business. I am curious if is there any way to track and research the newest technology and gadgets from China/Taiwan, etc? I.e. something that can be imported into the US and other countries. I am not only interested in just gadgets, but...
  15. MichaelCash

    a window with video stream - need your feedback

    Here is my idea.. We have a room in the office without windows. There are several guys who work in this room and they always complain that it's very depressing not to see day light. So I was thinking what if to place a few flat monitors shaped like windows that would translate a view like you...
  16. MichaelCash

    Need feedback on my idea: FTP access to dropbox

    I would like to build a service that allows to use dropbox via FTP. First a user needs to link your drop box account(s) and he will get access to an FTP server. Then he will FTP files and they will be automatically sent to his dropbox. In the future might be more options: 1. link and...
  17. MichaelCash

    Exhibition space finder for visual artists

    This is going to be a free website that helps visual artists find space to exhibit their paintings at galleries, restaurants, doctor's offices, etc. It will have two sections 1. for artists who wants to exhibit their artworks 2. for venues that wants to have artwork displayed. in section #1...
  18. MichaelCash

    need feedback on business idea in visual arts

    Hi there! I have an idea of a business related to visual arts. This is a service that allows artists to find place to exhibit their artworks (paintings) at local businesses such as bars, restaurants, dentists' offices, etc, etc. I know how to find artists who are interested to have their...
  19. MichaelCash

    how to keep income in LLC?

    Hi there! I want to keep some income in LLC and get it in 3 years from now. How can I do this without paying taxes twice (corporate and when I get money myself)? As far as I know, I can invest it into some assets that I can sell in 3 years later? It must be something related to the...

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