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  1. ItchyCalendar0

    EXECUTION 20yo from Poland looking to start something

    Cześć, (Ja też z PL) :-) Prioritising money isn't a good idea I would suggest you to read Unscriped to get a deeper insight into starting something valuable and lucrative.
  2. ItchyCalendar0


    I have just finished 'Unscripted' after it was recommended by a youtube called 'James Jani'. And WOW...If only I had a bucket of highlighter ink I would probably submerge the whole book in it. So many gems, simply incredible. Next will be rereading the book to engrave this knowledge into my...
  3. ItchyCalendar0

    GOLD! From a broke Uber Driver $9k behind on rent to $30k Per Month...QUESTIONS?

    Wow! Great story and wish you all the best for your family and your business. :smile2:

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