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  1. Gentlegiant

    INTRO Bit about myself + Kickstarter launch

    Pretty cool idea! If you don't mind me asking, how did you create your prototype, and how much did it cost? I'm having trouble with that part
  2. Gentlegiant

    EXECUTION Getting my life together

    Your english is great man, don't sell yourself short ;) I'm really happy you are seeing good progress! Keep at it, you're on the right track :D
  3. Gentlegiant

    GOLD! I will help you find a product to sell on Amazon

    Hi @biophase! Thanks for doing this. My brother, who never has a full charge on his phone recently gave me an idea. Why not make a lanyard you attach to your car keys (so you never forget it anywhere) which doubles as a USB cable? We spend most of our days close to a usb port anyway. Like...
  4. Gentlegiant

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    This might be a stupid question, but do manufactures usually answer e-mails over the weekends? I was communicating with one but they suddenly stopped answering.
  5. Gentlegiant

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Thanks so much for your reply, I appreciate your time. I decided to start sourcing on instead, as I've heard good things about them. I'll remain on the lookout for fake manufacturers though. :)
  6. Gentlegiant

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Hi Walter, I already posted this question as its own thread, but you made me realize it would be smart to also put it here. That way it'll benefit more people. As recommended by some users on this forum, when looking through Alibaba, I only look for manufacturer who have the "verified supplier"...
  7. Gentlegiant

    Manufacturer sells what I want but 3rd party reports says otherwise?

    Thank you Walter, I'll read the whole thing. :) I'll probably end up getting your books too if I still feel insecure about this.
  8. Gentlegiant

    Manufacturer sells what I want but 3rd party reports says otherwise?

    Hi. I am currently learning how to import products, so that I can start an e-commerce. I found a promising manufacturer, but to be sure I'm dealing with a manufacturer and not a wholesaler, I decided to read Alibaba's report (they are supposed to be certified as verified factory). The report...
  9. Gentlegiant

    O/T: HEALTH Constantly stressed out

    I worked 4 kitchens, and while it definitely made me way tougher (not only mentally, but my burn resistance is now unreal), I don't think being tough can replace a good life hygiene. And, I still have anxiety regarding the business aspect of my life (zen af in the other spheres though) Or maybe...
  10. Gentlegiant

    O/T: HEALTH Constantly stressed out

    Ironically, this way of thinking is really slowing down your process. Think about it, why make money if life sucks a$$ anyway? Why get up in the morning and work when you don't have anything to look forward to in life? As much as making money is important, work time is always more efficient if...
  11. Gentlegiant

    EXECUTION Getting my life together

    Never be afraid of wasting time when trying something new, it'll prevent you to do it seriously (which increases your odds of failing, and ironically, of wasting your time haha). Nevertheless, if the thought of a 75 days challenge seems too daunting to you, the miracle morning is only a 30 days...
  12. Gentlegiant

    EXECUTION Getting my life together

    Really agree with JordanK, your mind and body are the tools you use to build your life. They have to be sharp in order to get through this journey safe and sound. I haven't done 75hard but I know what it is, it sounds perfect for someone who's getting started. Having a structured plan that tells...
  13. Gentlegiant

    Time is ticking away

    Great read man, I hadn't thought of it that way (thinking of problem solving as a game) I'm very much at the action fake/can't find a business idea stage, but thinking of it as the first problem to solve in my entrepreneurial journey is a great idea! Currently working my mindset, so I'll add...
  14. Gentlegiant

    Time is ticking away

    I like that idea, just installed it! Crazy how little time we have when we think about it. I only got 19690 days to live man, and my youth is not going to last forever either. Really puts thing into perspective... @triodine it's called death clock, it's on the chrome store
  15. Gentlegiant

    I humbly ask people on this forum for help

    That's exactly what I needed to hear at the moment, thank man :)
  16. Gentlegiant

    INTRO Time to stop lurking on the forum and introduce myself!

    I think an execution thread would be cool too, I've never seen someone who's first buisness involves manufacturing a whole new product in china and selling it through a retailer, it's pretty impressive! Welcome to the forum :)
  17. Gentlegiant

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I think I should've read it before unscripted, but oh well, it was a nice refresher course! Great book, I'm recommending it to my friends
  18. Gentlegiant

    INTRO Got this far, now what?

    An easy way to boost quality of your videos is to EQ your voice. Most udemy courses don't do that even though It makes your voice sound so much better. Your visuals can look like shit, if the sound is good, people will perceive the video as high quality. Learned that the hard way when I was in...
  19. Gentlegiant


    Just finished it, what an awesome book. Just the slap in the face I needed! Currently listening to millionaire fastlane while doing market research for my next business :D

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