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  1. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    I saw a nice truck today with a logo and business lines on it doing food delivery. It would be so helpful right now. I'm not talking about grubhub or doordash, by the time they bring you you're food an hour later it's cold. I'm talking about a local business that will have it delivered in 15...
  2. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    Some form of streaming service would be in demand since more people are online than ever before. Also agriculture! Store shelves are sold out of eggs, I already have a few chickens where I get my own fresh eggs. (they taste 10x better than store bought eggs) I figured if I get a bunch more and...
  3. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Industry and Their Stocks

    I did too. I like the price it's at right now, definitely has room to grow being one of the big names in the industry.
  4. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Industry and Their Stocks

    I like NXTTF. They're basically trying to be the Amazon of weed. Definitely has huge potential.
  5. Angelic

    Approaching commercial customers/B2B

    Absolutely develop the product before pitching it. How can you sell a product you don't have? You can't do it, you need to show the prospect how it can benefit them and what it looks like. Customers will never buy anything they don't know about or understand, so your next objective after...
  6. Angelic

    If you had a check written out to you for $150,000

    Who would you reach out to first? What type of investment would you make that you'd think will give you the best return in a moderate time frame? When would you imagine it will yield the best gain at the quickest pace? Where else would you disperse other portions of that liquidity? Why wouldn't...
  7. Angelic

    MEETUPS NYC Meetup (Details Inside)

    Would love to do a meetup in NJ. North NJ would be awesome. Great opportunity to connect with others and learn different skillsets from each other.
  8. Angelic

    Convincing customers to switch to a higher paying service

    I'm in an industry where we supply top of the line service, however most of the time we are more expensive than our competitors. How can I display value to potential clients about why they should switch, putting the cost aside? What is the best way to find their needs, put together a custom...
  9. Angelic

    5 Phrases That Kill Trust In Sales

    Don't see why saying the clients first name is a bad thing. I do it all the time, it makes the experience personable and keeps the clients attention to where you want it. Never had a negative experience doing that.
  10. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC Cold Callers: I want your opinion!

    I'm in B2B sales and regularly cold call. You sound uncertain in your wording, which displays uncertainty in the value of your service to the consumer. You need to sound more confident and assertive in the sense that they NEED your service, and can truly benefit from it. Start it off by saying...
  11. Angelic

    Question regarding selling platform

    I really appreciate the help, I will for sure look more into each of these avenues. This will definitely help me expand and grow. I really like the video idea, I think that can take everything to another level, I don't know too many competitors in my niche that are doing that lol. PPC for sure...
  12. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC F Tinder tell me where you men hang out at.

    It's going to be tough if you don't already have a social circle with friends that can hook you up. I would go to a bar honestly, and try and scope someone out that you like. But the best way is through your social circle.
  13. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC You don't need a website, you need sales

    Okay well what if you are getting a steady number of sales. How does one transition to making sales on a website, assuming this is a product which can be sold on a website?
  14. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC Is your dating life fulfilling?

    I'm fairly young so I'm not really looking for a long term girlfriend or anything, however to satisfy my needs I do have some girls that I mess around with. Nothing serious of course, as I know what these girls all want from me. ($) The girls I'm hanging around probably aren't the best...
  15. Angelic

    HOT TOPIC My family always tells me to get a job.

    I think you should get a job as it will teach you what actual work is. Then you will soon realize that you don't want to be a wage slave for the rest of your life and maybe it will give you the firepower needed to start executing on a business plan.
  16. Angelic

    Question regarding selling platform

    Hi fellow fastlaners, I have a question about my business. Currently I am clearing about $1k a week in gross profit, and I am strictly online. Right now my main selling platform is eBay, and I have tried others, however it just didn't give me the right exposure as eBay does. Not to mention the...
  17. Angelic

    Kid's Millionaire Fastlane - We Want It. Vote Yes!!

    One can never be too young to learn about such a life-changing concept. Just think, we can see more 8 year old lemonade stand moguls who own a lemonade stand on every street corner paying workers to serve and sell lemonade.

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